Karai App Can Track Fuel Consumption in Real Time

You can save fuel by driving more smoothly in general, braking gently and early, slowly accelerating to an average speed of about 55mph, which is where manufacturers design their engines to perform well to meet the government MPG tests. Using cruise control is pretty good too. If you download some insurance apps you can track mpg, driving style, braking force etc and save on your insurance renewal too, so there’s that approach.

But if you need more data, Karai are on it.

As the UK sees rising costs for both fuel and utilities, the new Karai by Drive Key smartphone app offers motorists a solution to reduce their fuel usage and carbon footprint by up to 25 per cent. Currently the only app that tracks vehicle carbon emissions in real-time, Karai by Drive Key also uses its technology to give users real-world, eco-driving scores and advice, leading to using less fuel, for free.

By using data gathering and location tracking, the Karai by Drive Key app gives motorists tips regarding economical driving resulting in an overall eco-driving score. Motorists using the free to download smartphone app can then monitor this score as they would a fitness app, adjusting their habits accordingly, and ultimately saving money through a more efficient driving style.

The smoother the driving, the more carbon emissions and fuel saved, the better the score will be. Rated out of 100, drivers can then see where to improve and therefore save money. Karai’s developers report that users can reduce their fuel usage and carbon emissions by up to 25 per cent by using the app.

“With the fuel and energy crisis showing no signs of slowing down, we are excited to be able to help motorists save money and do something good for the environment at the same time”, said Calin Saftoiu, Chief Executive Officer of Drive Key Corporation. “Our primary aim is to help facilitate the reduction of tailpipe emissions, and by adopting better driving habits, drivers who use Karai can decrease their carbon footprint by up to 25 per cent whilst simultaneously saving money as they’re using less fuel in the process.”

Karai uses location tracking and DVLA data to provide the best possible information on carbon emissions monitoring. Akin to using Google Maps or other mobile-based satellite navigation systems, it is fully secure and intuitive.

Karai is available now on the Apple App Store, click here to download and start using the app today via apps.apple.com/app/karai

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