Which Is The Cheapest Place in The UK For Secondhand Cars?

Luckily John Brown 4X4 has done some research to find out. Let’s dive in;

JB studied the prices of the ten most popular models of second-hand cars (according to Admiral) across 63 of the largest towns and cities in the UK. All 1,890 vehicles compared were under three years old with fewer than 20,000 miles on the clock. The average price across the top ten second-hand cars in the participating towns and cities is £19,747. Yorkshire is the cheapest county to purchase a second-hand car from, with three Yorkshire towns and cities appearing in the top five, including Bradford and York. However, for those willing to travel, Northern Ireland is home to the cheapest car deals overall.

Belfast has the best second-hand car prices, with savvy car buyers here seeing an average saving of 7.8%. The average price across the most popular second-hand car models in Belfast is £18,212, a saving of £1,536 versus the average UK location. Transferring your new purchase from Belfast to England, Wales, or Scotland is simple, with ferry prices averaging at around £150 each way to Liverpool. There are no differences in car registration or ownership between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK – the car will just arrive with a different plate.

For the ultimate second-hand car savings, enjoy a relaxing weekend in Belfast, come back with your new motor, and even have cash to spare! Transporting a vehicle from Belfast to London could save you around £2,035 including travel costs when compared to the average car price in London. In second place is Bradford, with an average saving on popular second-hand cars of 6.8%. The average price of popular second-hand cars in Bradford is £18,396, £1,351 cheaper than the average price across the UK.

Travelling from London to Bradford would take you approximately 4 hours, costing around £30.76 each way (based on an average speed of 50mph at 40mpg), and saving savvy buyers approximately £1,789 when compared to the average car price in London.

In third place is Huddersfield, with an average saving on the UK’s most popular second-hand cars of 5.4%, £1,057 less than the average across the 63 towns and cities compared.

So, what towns and cities should you avoid when looking to purchase a second-hand car?

All of the top five most expensive towns and cities were located in South East England. Basildon is the most expensive town to purchase a second-hand car from, costing an extra 10.5% when compared to the average second-hand car across all participating towns and cities.  Purchasing a vehicle from Basildon could cost you an average of £2,081 extra if you’re looking to buy one of the most popular motors in the UK. When purchasing the same car model, with similar age and mileage, expect to pay £3,617 more than in Belfast.

Brighton is second, with the average second-hand car costing an extra 5.5%. If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle around the Brighton region, you could end up paying approximately £1,081 extra than if you shopped elsewhere. Chatham is third, with the average second-hand car price working out at around 4.7% extra. If you live in Chatham, you could benefit from travelling to a cheaper area of the UK to save yourself around £1,012.

Greg Hendry, Marketing Manager at John Brown 4×4 said: “When purchasing a second-hand car, factors that affect the price of the car include location. Many individuals may not want to travel to another town or city as it’s often seen as a risk – but the chance to save thousands on the same car might make you reconsider how far you’re willing to travel for your next motor.

“You should always ask the seller to provide you with a detailed video specifying all of the car’s features, inside and out. A reputable seller will be more than happy to provide you with this, along with answering any other questions you may have.

“When looking to purchase a second-hand motor, make your search nationwide and factor in the costs of travel to collect your car, rather than sticking to your local area. You’ll likely end up with a fantastic deal, and a road trip out of town to enjoy with your new motor.”


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