Lemonade Podcasts Explain That Whole Bot Settlement Thing

Lemonade, the digital insurance company powered by social impact, has announced the launch of its new podcast series, Benevolent Bots. A six-series podcast, “Benevolent Bots” explores the topic of AI ethics and how to make insurance, and business in general, fair and ethical in order to create a safer, smarter future.

Co-hosted by Lemonade CEO Daniel Schreiber and Lemonade AI ethics advisor Tulsee Doshi (also Google AI Head of Product, Responsible AI), each episode will feature a special guest to address the (at times, controversial) questions facing the world of insurance, shed some light on the myths around AI, and how AI ethics can be operationalized in insurance. The first episode, launching today, will feature Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist Meg Mitchell to discuss the looming question of “is AI really more effective than humans?”

Insurance is an industry built on predicting risk,  and unlike traditional insurers, leveraging AI and machine-learning has been a key pillar of Lemonade’s strategy in building a digital insurance company.  But, the  insurance industry has had a long history of red-lining, and concerns of discriminatory treatment in both pricing and the way claims are investigated and paid out. And, if not leveraged carefully,  AI has the potential to continue & exacerbate these concerns. At Lemonade, we are working to ensure fairness, safety, and accountability are a key part of our design process. With Benevolent Bots, we are starting conversations with expertise across the industry to both learn about and highlight the nuances, complexities, and opportunities that AI brings to the table. We hope these conversations will also be fruitful in enabling important discussions across the industry.

As Meg Mitchell states in the Benevolent Bots debut episode: “A common misconception is that AI can be ‘ethical,’ or computer science can have ‘ethical’ as a goal. When we’re talking about ethics and ethical AI, we’re talking about approaching things through the lens of human values and thinking through different kinds of perspectives.”

Benevolent Bots is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts starting today, with additional episodes going live every two weeks with expert guests from a variety of industries. Check out more on the first episode with Meg Mitchell here.

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