The Interview: BIBA Catch Up With Kelly Ward at AXA Partners

Yes, we know BIBA now seems like a distant memory, but this interview with Kelly Ward, Chief Sales & Distribution Manager at AXA Partners covers the broker-insurer partnership, new thinking since the pandemic and the power of the green pound which consumers hold.

Kelly also noted that when shopping for cover most consumers don’t always choose the cheapest deal around:

“What people tend to do is balance price against brand values and that’s where AXA can help by being a partner to the broker. Getting that extra trust online is reassuring for many customers and it helps brokers stand out.”

Kelly also made this strong point;

“You know insurance is really about selling promises, peace of mind. So doing the right thing is what AXA Partners is all about; that means greener products, adapting to the future too. The best opportunities for brokers are right now, when there are big changes happening in the UK market.”

IE wondered if cyber will continue to be a growth area for brokers?

“It will, and you know what we are still learning when it comes to cyber risks, how hybrid working will affect risks and so on. Something to consider is the overall impact on a small business if owners are locked out of their systems, not necessarily the victims of a data breach. Say you had a few hair salons and couldn’t access your client list, make appointments etc – how much is that going to cost you, just because you suffered a denial of access event?”

AXA Partners are very keen to work with brokers on new solutions for the cyber – and other – niche sectors. You can see the IE BIBA show catch up video clip here;



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