Brace Yourself For Civil Unrest, Says Allianz

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The latest report on risk has a stark warning from Allianz Global, which got the Editor thinking ahead to a better world, where opinions are tolerated not shouted down, or used as grounds for arrest;

“Businesses should prepare for a rise in civil unrest incidents as the cost-of-living crisis follows hard on the heels of the Covid pandemic, according to insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). Strikes, riots and violent protest movements pose risks to companies because in addition to buildings or assets suffering costly material damage, business operations can also be severely disrupted with premises unable to be accessed, resulting in loss of income.”

All true, maybe we are heading back to the 1970s in some respects, such as strikes. But the activism is different now; much more partisan, embedded in the public sector, academic institutions and even in companies too.

Lloyd’s of London has see repeated protests from anti-oil, coal and climate change protestors over the last few years. Despite all big UK insurers calling time on coal insurance and new oil/gas projects, it’s unlikely that the climate change cultists will stop. Danegeld never stopped the Vikings did it? Expect more attacks on buildings, shareholder meeting disruption and online rants against anything to do with carbon consumption; driving, new construction, travel, new roads etc.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating; their demands will never be met. Never. It’s like trying to please Stalin with a new show trial every week, your withdrawal of cover for a sector, or a carbon-burining company, will never be enough for the glorious revolution.


More wise words from Allianz;

“Businesses need to be alert to any suspicious indicators and designate clear pathways for de-escalation and response, which anticipate and avert the potential for personnel to be injured and/or damage to business and personal property.” advises Allianz, which is wise to note the matter of staff protection. There is a new level of bitterness and hatred, feelings of victimhood are being stoked up – mainly by activists who display a religious fanatacism in every word and action. Worth noting some of those threats of violence may well come from within your own company by the way.

For example, woke protestors have targeted many people over the Transgender primacy issue, with anyone daring to speak out against Trans atheletes colonising womens sports, changing rooms or toilets, being attacked online, sacked from their jobs and in some cases threatened with death. The question is, if that scenario happened in a major insurance office space, would the brand stand up for free thought and speech or simply cave in and throw their staff to the woke wolves?


Allianz notes this trend towards unrest is a global thing;

“According to the Verisk Civil Unrest Index Projections, 75 countries will likely see an increase in protests by late 2022, resulting in, for example, a higher frequency of unrest and more damage to infrastructure and buildings. The outlook is most bleak for the 34 countries that face significant deterioration by August 2022. More than a third of these states are in Europe and Central Europe (12), followed by the Americas (10), Africa (6), Middle East and North Africa (3) and Asia (3).”

But if you look at the statements by the WEF, Bilderberg, WHO and many western governments, you can see that the policies of encouraging mass migration, replacing farmland with solar panels, growing bio-ethanol fuel products or re-wilding, is bound to lead to rising food prices and shortages. The constant game of playing off communities against each other leads to conflict and division, egged on by a complicit mainstream media which continually looks for offence.


For the first time in human history more people are being paid by the State to do nothing, than work full time, in many countries. Over 50% of adults in the UK, and many other countries, are in receipt of some sort of State benefit. Many countries are tinkering with Universal Basic Income schemes. People are being encouraged to believe that the government will take care of them, they don’t have to work out solutions to their own problems. The net result is that social mobility has all but ground to a halt. Regardless of skin colour, sexual preference or religion, your chances of working your way out of poverty are very slim. While all this dependency upon the State is being encouraged for the poorer majority, the wealthy 10% are getting richer by the day ring-fencing assets, top jobs and services for themselves, their families and chums.

No wonder people are angry, what you know has been replaced by who you know. That started long before Covid.

Looked at objectively, much of the coming chaos is being organised by globalists and their supporters in almost every public sector body, charity and NGO. Those plans for the collapse of society should be resisted in words, and deeds. Insurers would do well to promote inclusiveness of opportunity, irrespective of class or creed, celebrate social cohesion not differences. And champion true social justice, not point scoring based on cherry-picked historic grievances that suit a particular narrative. Ultimately, insurance is there to heal lives, not suppress, coerce or restrict them. Reject the vengeful destruction of Antifa, the property and cash greed of BLM, or the WEF asset-stripping of climate zealots. Give them no seat at the table, no voice in the Boardroom.

Support a level playing field where anyone can make progress within society through education, hard work and tolerating the opinions of others. For toleration is the foundation stone of civilisation.

Read the full AGCS outlook article on civil unrest and the cost-of-living crisis here.

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