Coterie Launches The Simply Bind Experience

Coterie Insurance, the partner-focused company transforming small business insurance, today announced the launch of the next iteration of its dashboard called SimplyBind Experience which uses automated underwriting to pull data from existing sources to prefill the quoting process to save agents and brokers 75 percent more time. This breakthrough in the small commercial insurance space enables agents and brokers to input two pieces of information to receive relevant data about their small business clients to sell insurance policies like never before.

“The SimplyBind Experience reinvents the quote to bind process for small business insurance,” said David McFarland, CEO of Coterie Insurance. “Our user experience puts information in the hands of agents and brokers with only a business name and address, helping our partners better serve America’s small businesses profitably.”

The updated dashboard’s powerful ability to provide data to the agent and broker and then recommend appropriate coverages comes from its unique design. Rather than a quoting experience that asks several questions, putting the onus on the producer to find answers, Coterie’s new dashboard prefills information based on two data points: business name and address. This not only enables a faster quoting and binding experience but also enables agents to prospect more efficiently with accurate information about this business upfront, including a bindable quote.

“Coterie is committed to facilitating efficient risk transfer for agents and small business owners. We’re doing that through automated underwriting by using technology and publicly available data that already exists to answer our own underwriting questions,” said Pete Buccola, VP of Insurance at Coterie Insurance. “In addition, we’re giving agents and brokers an edge by providing them the information they need upfront to run quotes and reach more small businesses in their communities.”

Agents and brokers helped pilot the new update over the last several months.

“It’s incredibly simple. It’s really cool that you now have the capability based on address to pull up the class code and business information,” said Reginald Pulliam, Agency Principal, Coastal Alabama Insurance.

With Coterie, agents and brokers are able to prospect more efficiently, armed with the information they need to succeed to help secure the small businesses of today.

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