Revealed: Co-op Car Theft Data, London Tops The Charts

It’s always good to know as much about risk as possible and in a time of recessions, rising bills and inflation, you can always expect more car thefts – and thefts of property from vehicles. Today, Co-op Insurance has released the results of an extensive car theft study, revealing the ten areas with highest rates of car crime in the UK. Guess what? They’re all in London.

Data from the leading motor insurer outlines the places across England, Scotland and Wales that have had the highest car theft rates since 2017, uncovering Islington as the hotspot in the UK. Wandsworth and The City of London came in at second and third place, based on the frequency of car theft claims as a percentage of the policies in that area, between 2017 and 2021.

Birmingham and Solihull in the West Midlands are the only districts outside of the capital within the worst 20, sitting at 16 and 18 respectively.


For insurers, the situation in London is likely to get worse, not better. According to the latest crime data, less than ONE percent of all reported car thefts and attempted thefts, were solved by the Met. So thieves have a 99 per cent chance of getting away with it – those are good odds. The insurance industry already helps to fund the City of London Police actions against fake claims, plus some organised car theft, which is good news. But the insurance industry cannot tackle hundreds of car thefts every month, nor should it have to – we all pay tax to fund the Police and criminal justice system.

The root of the problem is that many UK Police forces, and the criminal justice system have become political agencies with a specific agenda. Some law-breaking activities are deemed to be worth ignoring, others must be rigorously enforced to tick an ideological box. Resources, especially on-street officers, are being deployed based on ideological priorities, not crime figures or reported crime by the public.

It’s hard to see that woke mindset changing anytime soon. The net result will be more crime and more serious crimes, as criminals realise that it is open season on vulnerable members of the public – and their assets.

Older Honda Jazz models are targeted for their exhausts.


When it comes to which makes and models of cars are most likely to be targeted, the study reveals that it is smaller, lower-price point vehicles that are favoured by thieves, as observed in previous studies. This is interesting from the Co-op, as many other insurers report that high value, prestige makes like Range Rover, Land Rover, Mercedes and BMW tend to be targeted.

The reason for the targeting of basic vehicles is that the catalytic converters are worth having for rare metal content. It’s also easy to steal low value, older, hatchback type cars, as their security is weaker.

The three cars stolen most frequently, by volume of total claims over the four years, are the Ford Fiesta, the Honda Jazz and the Ford Focus. The Audi A3 sits at number 10, being one of the only more expensive models to feature. The Audi A4, BMW 320 and Land Rover Range Rover are less frequently stolen, says Co-op, although as there are far fewer on the road you would expect that.


The interactive Park Smart tool from Co-op Insurance uses data published by the Home Office on to help customers understand what car crime levels are like in their local area. Users can search for vehicle crime hotspots by postcode or location to quickly identify a safe street, with results showing how many reports of vehicle thefts, thefts from a vehicle and vandalism there have been in the last six months. Areas are colour coded red, orange, or yellow to make it easy to spot where crime is most frequent.

Paul Evans, Head of Motor Insurance at Co-op Insurance says: “Having your car stolen is one of the most distressing experiences a person can endure, with both an emotional and financial impact. Our most recent claims data shows that car crime rates in London have remained high and now dominate the 10 most dangerous spots for theft.

“We want to do all we can to help car owners keep their vehicles safe – they can do this by researching car crime levels in their own area and by following some simple steps that will deter a thief. People with smaller and perhaps less expensive cars need to be aware that these motor vehicles are hot property for car thieves. Our policies are designed to offer peace of mind that should the worst happen, we’ll help you get yourself back on the road. Additionally, any Co-op member buying or renewing their car insurance with us before the end of December will also get £50 in their Co-op wallet to spend on a range of goods and services.”

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