Sensible 4 Joins Four Year Project on Self-Driving Cars

The race for truly self driving cars is well underway. There’s a long way to go before insurers – and consumers – can feel that there is 99.9% certainty that the vehicle will not malfunction during its lifespan of course. Part of that journey is detailed real world research, in the toughest of conditions. Sensible 4 is joining a four year project called ROADVIEW, which aims to make progress on traffic scenarios like snow covered roads.

Sensible 4, a Finnish automated driving technology company, is one of the 16 partners in the new EU-funded project Robust Automated Driving in Extreme Weather (ROADVIEW), which aims at developing more robust and cost-efficient in-vehicle perception and decision-making systems for connected and automated vehicles. Sensible 4 supports the whole consortium with the standardisation roadmap, strategic partnerships, and future exploitation of project results. The project has a total budget of 10 million euros and focuses on enhancing the performance of autonomous vehicles under harsh weather conditions and different traffic scenarios.

“This project strengthens our existing competence in all-weather driving and it is closely aligned to our product roadmap for the next four years. It will enable further improvements to our technology and provide new opportunities to test it across different sites, together with a highly innovative consortium of research and industrial partners”, says José Camposano, project manager, Sensible 4.

ROADVIEW started at the beginning of September and will continue for the next four years. For Sensible 4, this period will focus on expanding the capabilities of its automated driving system and providing additional support, to enable safe and efficient performance in more challenging Operational Design Domains.

Some of the innovations in the project are the integration of SAE Level 4 software modules across different vehicle platforms, as well as the use of state-of-the-art tools for X-in-the-loop simulation and testing. The new software components developed during this project by Sensible 4 will be demonstrated in different vehicles and outdoor environments, including Finnish Lapland.

“We focus on three market segments for our automated driving software: industrial transportation, last-mile shuttles and delivery of cargo and goods. All of the use cases require the capability to support even the most challenging weather conditions, such as snow or rain. On the other hand, vehicles need to be able to drive on different kinds of ground surfaces, like gravel, asphalt or icy road, without lane markings”, says Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible 4. He underlines: “ROADVIEW is one way for us to support European competence in the field of automated vehicles to work where ever and whenever.”

Sensible 4 is known for its operations and testing in varying weather conditions, for example in Finnish Lapland, Tampere, and Northern Norway, Oslo area and Gjesdal.

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