Fathom 3.0 Offers Enhanced Flood Risk Modelling

Flood specialists Fathom are enhancing their flood risk modelling software with more data sources, with the launch of Fathom-Global 3.0 – which they claim is the first complete global view of all flood perils. Here’s the word;

Unlike most maps that are limited to inland fluvial and pluvial flood data, Fathom-Global 3.0 also models coastal flood risk. In addition, insurers can access flood maps that draw on scientific data representing the size, width, depth and flow of every river channel in the world, providing unprecedented levels of detail.

Fathom-Global 3.0 enables users to quantify and mitigate flood risk, and understand changes in risk under future climate scenarios. The map is at ~30-metre resolution globally and is based on terrain data from FABDEM – Fathom’s latest complete ‘bare earth’ map of the Earth’s terrain, enriched with LiDAR data where it is available.

“We launched Fathom in 2013 with an aim to deliver science-driven and fully transparent flood modelling and to accelerate the world’s understanding of flooding on a global scale. Fathom-Global 3.0 is our biggest step yet to making high quality flood hazard data accessible worldwide. It is by far the most robust and comprehensive flood dataset available today,” said Dr Andrew Smith, co-founder and COO at Fathom.

“Having reliable and sound flood hazard data is fundamental to understanding the exposure and resultant vulnerability of any property, facility and asset. This is especially important for insurance and reinsurance professionals who, until now, have struggled to obtain complete and consistent data across all the countries in which they have business,” Smith continued.


Fathom’s Climate Dynamics framework is the only technology on the market that allows users to customise their data to varying regulatory requirements. Users can examine any inland or coastal flood peril for any projected combination of future year and emission scenario or temperature change – bringing to market a new ability to understand flood-related climate change impacts. This will prove vital to financial organisations and insurers who are compelled to provide more detailed, precise data than ever.

Unlike traditional, closed ‘black box’ approaches to modelling hazard, Fathom’s transparent ‘glass box’ approach gives insurers full visibility into science and methodology behind the results, so they can understand model uncertainty and make informed decisions based on an in-depth understanding of the data provided.


Unlike other flood maps which rely primarily on historic data, Fathom-Global 3.0 draws on extensive peer-reviewed academic research and scientific data sources to simulate the behaviour of water across all flood perils.

In another major development, the data is accessible via the new Fathom API. This allows customers who prefer on-demand use to access all spatial data without the need to host files. For customers who wish to bring the dataset in-house or access data via a Fathom partner, Fathom continues to offer a range of flexible data access options.

Paul McEwan, Global Risk Analytics Director at Sompo International said: “Fathom provided a first-rate product and service based upon cutting-edge research and methodologies, which are both robust and transparent. Their flood data sets are global, consistent and high calibre. Most importantly, Fathom is a responsive and collaborative firm who consistently deliver.”

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