Looking at Loyalty Programmes? You’ll Need The Right Toolkit

Understanding true consumer buying intentions is data gold.

If your insurance brand fancies doing your own loyalty programme online, then you will need a toolkit to do the job effectively. The more low code control you have over the branding, offers, responding to Google search trends and more, the better. So this news from Antavo is quite interesting;

Antavo, the innovative Enterprise Loyalty Cloud platform, has secured €10M from investors led by Euroventures alongside Lead Ventures, iEurope and Innovation Nest and private investors including Zoltan Vardy. This new funding will allow the company  to expand its presence globally, and develop a best-in-class, omnichannel and no-code driven technology.

The platform is leading the way in offering enterprises the opportunity to create, manage and modify their own loyalty program that not only helps them to connect with the lifestyle of their customers, but also engage customers beyond the short-lived ‘earn and burn’ transactional approach – and crucially, outside of the buying cycle.


The new investment will enable Antavo to continue reinvesting in its technology for greater omnichannel capabilities and superior integration with more apps and platforms, while expanding its global presence. In 2022, the company signed major global brand customers including BMW, KFC, Kathmandu and BrewDog, resulting in 3.2X year-on-year growth and a 3 fold increase in headcount.

According to Antavo’s proprietary data in the Global Customer Loyalty Report, it’s predicted that 82% of companies plan to double down on loyalty in the next three years as customers face inflationary pressures and pull back on unnecessary spends. With this purse tightening, brands are needing to find alternative ways to engage their customers and provide more value whether in store, online or in-app.

For motor insurance brands, who need to make their customers feel looked after beyond a price discount, managing a loyalty programme is a smart move.

Attila Kecsmar, Co-Founder and CEO of Antavo said, “All enterprises today are tech businesses to some extent because of the pandemic-induced rapid digital transformation. This alongside continued economic challenges, enterprises have needed to engage with their customers in more creative and direct ways beyond transactions to keep their market share, even if the spend  is declining precipitously. This is where loyalty programs play their critical part in the long game.

Antavo understands this and not only offers enterprises with a practical tech product that they can fully own and manage, but it intelligently attends to emotional loyalty that makes the new era of brand loyalty fun, bright and refreshing.”


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