UK Drivers Fear Breakdowns More Than Anything

Vanarama has been looking at some Google Trends data and the varying fears of motorists around the world makes interesting reading for some insurance marketing people. Knowing what people see as a risk is the first step to insuring that perceived risk. Here’s the word;

Each year, a huge 419,000 UK drivers search for tips on avoiding and dealing with car breakdowns – making it far and away the most feared driving aspect for Brits. The UK’s number of searches for help with breakdowns represents 61% of the global total. That fear has probably increased as so-called Smart Motorways have been rolled out, since nobody wants to breakdown on a 4 lane motorway with no hard shoulder.

The country with the second-most breakdown searches, India, is way down on 51,000 – despite having five times more drivers than the UK (150 million compared to 32.9 million). Cosmetic damage is the second biggest driving fear in the UK (and the number one globally).


When you compare these figures to the rest of the world, 56% (28) of countries named cosmetic damage as their number one fear. In total, 1.9 million users looked for tips and products to help with bumps and scrapes. As cosmetic damage has no impact on the performance of a car, this suggests drivers around the world fear the opinions of other road users more than anything else.

Strangely, the Google searches suggest that UK drivers are FOUR times more scared of parallel parking than car theft. Maybe they just want some lessons on how to do it properly?

Car theft doesn’t seem to be a cause of concern across the world with only three (Italy, Angola, and Ethiopia) of 50 countries fearing car theft above the other driving aspects analysed. In fourth place, is another parking type but this time it’s reverse bay parking, generating 116,160 annual Google searches, again IE suggests this is people learning to drive who want to understand what is actually being assessed in the UK driving test – it isn’t a fear.

If you want to learn more it’s on the Vanarama blog pages.

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