Auto Windscreens Teams Up With Safpro on Recycling

Auto Windscreens has partnered with Safpro to reduce environmental impact through recycling used workwear and purchasing carbon neutral products. The textile industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, and the workwear sector is a significant contributor to this problem – 90% of used workwear currently goes to landfill; that’s over 10 million garments annually. Auto Windscreens, a leading automotive glass repair and replacement company in the UK, recognised this and was looking for a solution to recycle its used workwear.

Safpro engaged with Auto Windscreens and introduced Origin, a brand encompassing all aspects of sustainability at Safpro. After evaluating various options, Auto Windscreens partnered with Safpro and subscribed to its Origin recycling programme.

Under the scheme, Safpro will collect a 240-litre bin from Auto Windscreens’ head office, which can hold up to 100kg of used workwear. By recycling 100kg of workwear, Auto Windscreens will prevent an estimated total of 1300Kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere compared to disposal by landfill or incineration.

An estimated 80 – 85kg will be recycled or re-purposed by shredding and turning it into fibres that can be used in applications such as insulation material or furniture stuffing (known as Tier 1 / 2). The remaining 15Kg – 20kg will be used for green energy, produced from renewable and sustainable sources (known as Tier 3). Auto Windscreens will be issued with a quarterly certificate displaying the number of bin collections, total weight of used workwear collected, and the percentage that is recycled or used for green energy.

Recycling workwear is not only important from an environmental perspective but also in terms of secure destruction. Ensuring that it is shredded in accordance with BSEN 15713 gives Auto Windscreens confidence that its brand security is not at risk.

In addition to the recycling solution, Auto Windscreens has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon neutral products. By using Traffi TG6240 LXT Gloves, it avoided 973kg of CO2 emissions in 2022. Auto Windscreens has recently specified the TD01 Traffi Carbon Neutral Gloves, which are expected to offset an additional 38.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2023.

By partnering with Safpro, Auto Windscreens will significantly reduce its environmental impact. Recycling used workwear ensures that waste is reduced, and carbon neutral products help to offset emissions. Safpro’s Origin brand encompasses all aspects of sustainability, and Auto Windscreens’ partnership with Safpro is a clear demonstration of its commitment to sustainability. The Safpro team are proud to be working with forward-thinking companies like Auto Windscreens to achieve shared sustainability goals.

Shaun Atton, Business Support Director at Auto Windscreens, said: “We’re delighted to be in partnership with Safpro, whose products and schemes are supporting us to meet our ambitious targets to achieve Net Zero by 2045. It’s important to us to work with companies who share our passion for socially and sustainable standards of working, and Safpro does just that.”


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