Commercial: Createmaster Tools Smooth The Handover Process

This one is interesting for Commercial, Infrastructure Project and Property insurers, here’s the word;

Today, Createmaster, a digital handover and building manual solutions provider, introduces its ‘Golden Thread: Gateway 3 solution’. Underpinned by the Zutec platform, the solution combines the Createmaster fully managed digital handover service with a dashboard that enables contractors and developers to understand the information required to fulfil obligations set out by the Building Safety Act at the handover stage of an asset.

Gateway 3 refers to the completion or final certificate stage (equivalent to RIBA stage 6), when a building safety case is submitted for review and approval. As a stop/go point in the handover process, building control approval must be obtained from the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) before registering and commencing occupation of a higher-risk residential building (HRRB). This means getting building safety case approval from the BSR before project completion and handover to an asset owner.

The dedicated Gateway 3 dashboard gives contractors and developers real-time visibility to manage their building information deliverables in one place. Users can quickly see what information and documents they have, what is expected, what is in progress, what has been validated for compliancy with agreed information requirements, before handing over to a client.

Commenting on the Gateway 3 solution and why it is suitable for contractors who may already have a common data environment (CDE), James Cannon, Commercial Director at Createmaster, said: “Today handover information required by contractors is likely captured across multiple formats, systems, and platforms, including the contractors and subcontractors’ CDE or Quality Management system. While these systems are widely used for effectively managing construction project data, they do not offer a single, consolidated data set for handover to a client and the regulator.

“As a single source of truth for digital building information, the solution provides a clear and defined mechanism for collating the evidence required to support a building safety case, and helps our contractors ensure compliant building information and manuals are handed over to a client. This takes the pain out of the handover process and information digitisation on the path to golden thread conformance.”

That’s not all. A standard template within the dashboard aligns with the new requirements for a building safety case and golden thread. This includes digital O&M, H&S File and Fire Emergency File forms, but also adds the full suite of information now required to demonstrate compliance. Users can easily bring together the right information and identify what is missing to help manage risks on a project. Additionally, with the ability to grant permission-controlled stakeholder access, for example with client teams, consultants and third-party approvers, everyone can input information while managing priorities and data gaps.


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