Telematics: Built-In ESG is A Thing Now

Greater Than (GREAT.ST), the global provider of driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence, has announced that its partner ABAX, one of the largest telematics companies in Europe, is launching multiple new initiatives to help its fleet customers reduce their climate impact. ABAX will use Greater Than’s artificial intelligence (AI) to launch three sustainability management modules and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) certification.

“At ABAX we’re passionate about doing all we can to contribute to a more sustainable world and that includes helping our customers to manage their own impact on the environment and prepare for new regulations and reporting standards,” said Morten Strand, CEO of ABAX. “By utilizing Greater Than’s AI technology we’re able to support our customers with new, valuable, climate impact insights and management modules, and provide a way for them to formally showcase their eco efforts through ESG certification.”

The cooperation between ABAX and Greater Than commenced in the spring of 2022 with the connection of 200,000 cars to Greater Than’s AI analysis platform, via a single API. By using Greater Than’s Crash Probability Score, ABAX was able to uncover new driving crash probability insights from its existing GPS data and launch an insurance offer with Tryg Norway within just four months.

Now, ABAX will use Greater Than’s Climate Impact Score to launch three new modules that will help its customers strengthen their sustainability efforts. The first module will show fleets their CO2 savings as a result of driver attitude, with the potential to help fleets reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 20%. The other modules will show cost savings through maintenance, including tires, and climate impact savings as a result of preventing crashes from happening.

ABAX will also launch an ESG certification for its fleet customers. Benefits for fleets include simplified ESG and sustainability reporting, as well as being able to back up their sustainability claims, strengthen procurement processes, and recognize team efforts. The modules and certification will be available for fleets of any size, to help demonstrate that everyone can make a measurable difference to a more sustainable future.

“We know that being more sustainable is the right thing for companies to do, but there’s a lot of uncertainty right now about regulations and reporting requirements, and it’s not always easy for organizations to quantify and communicate their sustainability efforts,” said Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than. “We’re so proud that our partner ABAX is using Greater Than’s AI to lead the way in sustainability management and reporting for fleets. By empowering their fleet customers to take greater control of climate impact and get ahead of reporting requirements, ABAX are taking fleet ESG and sustainability management to another level.”

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