Is Embedded Going To Become The Default Quote & Buy Moment?

Is embedded, point-of-sale insurance going to become the default insurance marketing strategy? Maybe, although IE thinks people will always want to search online for a cheaper deal, it’s human nature. Meanwhile Fit2You Broker, an Italy-based digital insurance provider, has launched a whitepaper on embedded insurance, written in collaboration with the Open & Imbedded Insurance Observatory and its sister company, Air-Connected Mobility.

The paper reveals that 20% of global insurance sales are predicted to migrate to embedded offerings in the coming years (Open & Imbedded Insurance Observatory data) and that the market value of the embedded insurance market will reach $3T in the next decade. Innovative insurers and brokers are therefore refining their product and service offerings to meet evolving market needs, and this whitepaper clearly demonstrates the impact of embedding insurance as part of the mobility offering.

The freely available white paper, entitled “BROKERS, BIG DATA & EMBEDDED INSURANCE: Changing the game in the mobility marketplace”, provides an introduction to embedded insurance in the mobility space, highlighting its key role in the future of both the insurance and mobility sectors impacting car owners, dealers, fleet managers and insurers.

Embedded insurance places the offer of insurance protection seamlessly into the consumers’ purchasing journey – providing personalised, simple and transparent cover that is presented at the moment it is front of your customers’ mind: in the dealership. In the mobility space, this means that when buying or renting a vehicle, insurance cover is offered digitally or phygitally – or included automatically – at the point of sale or booking.

Customer expectations today have been shaped by sectors such as banking, entertainment and e-commerce. Consumers look for digital-first purchasing experiences that are friction-free, efficient, visually appealing, and offer integrated and fast payments. Insurance purchasing in the automotive and mobility space is no exception – and that’s where embedded solutions are a game changer.

“As an insurtech broker with vast experience in these areas, we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries when it comes to creating and distributing protection for the drivers and riders of tomorrow.” states Igor Valandro, CEO & founder of Fit2You Broker,  “In addition to our expertise in the insurance sector, our close collaboration with our sister company operating in the mobility sector, Air-Connected Mobility, allows us to offer additional services to our clients, such as real-time assistance, geolocation and emergency management.” continues Valandro.

The whitepaper “BROKERS, BIG DATA & EMBEDDED INSURANCE: Changing the game in the mobility marketplace” is available for free here, download you copy now!

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