All Courts in England & Wales Now on One Database

This is good news for any anti-fraud software platform, claims handling department, or claims management company. In theory, it could help automate various ID background checks at the point of quote or renewal. Here’s the word;

Every Crown and magistrates’ court now has access to the ‘Common Platform’ system, which will allow quicker and seamless sharing of information between all those involved in criminal justice cases. Under Common Platform all relevant case materials will be available in one accessible place across all criminal courts – from arrest through to trial and, for those convicted, on to the prison and probation service.

This will help ensure that courts, police, prosecutors and legal professionals have access to one platform to track cases moving through the justice system, continuing the move away from time-consuming paper-based processes and separate IT systems. It is a fundamental part of the government’s plan to modernise the criminal court system – bringing justice partners together in a way that has never been done before, improving collaboration and replacing outdated process.

The move will offer an improved flow of information between the courts to improve efficiency and help reduce outstanding caseloads to deliver speedier justice for victims and the public.

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