Planck Integrates AI into Its Underwriting Workbench

Planck, an AI-based risk research and data solutions for commercial insurers, announces the integration of powerful generative AI (GenAI) functionalities in a new underwriting workbench known as Planck PLUS.
Planck PLUS is both a strategic toolkit and a trusted co-pilot that leverages the latest AI technologies and proprietary machine learning models to set a new standard in underwriting risk research, insight generation, data attribution transparency, and automation. Planck PLUS generates complete queries based on basic underwriter inputs and even suggests new questions to ask based on models trained specifically in commercial insurance. These strategic prompts, along with a comprehensive digital footprint of a business, focus the full potential of GenAI toward a carrier’s specific underwriting goals. And the closed data ecosystem eliminates data privacy concerns and dramatically reduces errors, which are both common issues with other generative platforms.
“It’s like having a veteran underwriter sitting next to you,” says Noa Kalechstain, VP Product Strategy at Planck. “The platform is extremely intuitive, the recommendations are insightful, and PLUS Chat even allows you to follow up any risk detail with additional questions. This is an industry game-changer.”
The simplicity of the Planck PLUS environment belies the immense power of GenAI working behind the scenes. Planck meets each carrier at their unique stage of digitization and AI integration, so Planck PLUS is a perfect solution for insurers looking for a reliable real-time data resource as well as those wondering how to augment or replace an existing policy process flow.
“Planck PLUS is reshaping how underwriters access, analyze, and interpret risk data,” says Planck Co-Founder and CEO Elad Tsur. “GenAI has shown its ability to revolutionize every industry it touches. With Planck PLUS, this transformative power is harnessed in a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use workbench built specifically for commercial insurance. Planck PLUS helps underwriters navigate vast amounts of data, uncover opportunities, and enable automations to increase written premiums and improve underwriting profitability.”
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