More Untaxed Vehicles on UK Roads

Latest data suggests that the number of UK drivers using vehicles without VED tax is on the rise, although those driving without insurance seems to be falling.

An estimated three-quarters of a million vehicles are on UK roads without paying VED tax. This is now costing the Treasury more than £107m in lost revenue over a full year – higher than in any year since 2007. The Treasury noted that abolishing the paper tax disc would save £10m, however it is now seems the changes are proving extremely costly.

In a comment on the figures today, the RAC also noted that a third of untaxed vehicles were those that changed hands, which is a strong indication that many drivers are still not aware that tax does not carry over when ownership changes.

Many drivers who buy a used car privately gamble that a change of location means the DVLA or the Police will not find it easy to trace, and seize, the untaxed vehicle.


A report by West Midlands Police earlier in 2017 found that of the 11,000 or so vehicles seized for no tax in 2016, around 47 percent also lacked any insurance cover. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) also revealed this year that the number of claims made by drivers involved in a collision with an uninsured vehicle had risen to about 12,000 – the first rise since 2004.

According to the MIB the total number of uninsured drivers in the UK has halved from 2 million, to about 1 million, even though incidents involving those without cover are on increase.

Many Police ANPR checks essentially access the DVLA database to see if ANY insurance is valid on that vehicle. It does not check on the driver’s insurance status in every case. The concern must be that those who are willing to save cash by driving without tax, might also be tempted to drive without the correct insurance too.




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