Cuuver Research Finds Brexit Makes No Difference to Holiday Plans

Saturday 23rd June will be exactly two years since Britain took to the polls to decide whether to remain or leave the European Union. Brand new research has revealed that the majority of British people do not believe Brexit will have an impact on where they travel any time soon.

A new survey by the travel insurance comparison website,, received responses from over 2,000 people throughout the UK. The survey showed that only 36.5% of Brits believe Brexit will have any kind of effect on where they travel in the next five years.

Only younger, Millennial travellers, seemed to be bothered by Brexit, with 40 percent stating that Brexit will have an impact on their travel plans. Perhaps they’re worried Ibiza will introduce a soy boy tax, who knows?

To further substantiate the UK’s indifference towards Brexit in terms of travel, Cuuver’s survey also uncovered that 57.3% of Brits plan to take their next holiday in mainland Europe.

Despite the new rules and regulations for travelling to Europe after Brexit, this new research proves that Brits aren’t prepared to let these hinder their travel plans. With 56.7% of Brits preferring to take their holiday in the summer months, Europe’s shores are certain to be packed with holidaymakers, as usual.


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