Brits Love to Name Their Cars Based on Personality, Says Quotezone Survey

Online car insurance specialist Quotezone has been busy doing a survey of UK car owners and found that we British love to give the ol’ jalopy a cute name. Some even dub their car male or female, which given today’s social media witch-hunt craze is a risky course of action, as misgendering your car may result in a Hate Crime conviction.

So Can Cars Have A Gender? Yes, Owners Like to Name

The Quotezone research also revealed that the most common car gender on UK roads is female. According to figures, 50% of cars are perceived as female in gender and 30% of cars are considered male, while 20% have no gender identification. Quotezone also discovered that naming your car helps the drivers or owners feel that bit more attached to the metal and plastic box, with 66% saying they had officially named their vehicle.

So, what makes people want to name their car? According to our car owners, a car’s outer and inner beauty (personality) are the top two inspirations when naming their motors. Popular names given to cars included Betty, Bert, Bob, Tilly, Peggy and Amy.

Top 5 Inspirations Drivers Use When Naming Their Cars

Car’s colours or appearance – 28%

Car’s personality – 20%

Friend/family member – 15%

Movie/TV show – 11%

Celebrities – 7%

When they delved further into what kind of perceived personality traits a car can have, 39% of Quotezone respondents described their car as dependable and reliable. 20% said their car has a ‘playful’ nature, and 15% said their cars are sexy.

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But some of the findings are slightly baffling. For example Honda owners thought their cars had an adventurous personality, (yes, even Jazz drivers) whilst Nissan owners thought their motors were cute. Meanwhile Ford and BMW owners reckoned that their cars had dependable and reliable personalities. Try telling that to a former Galaxy gearbox repair specialist we say.

Interestingly ‘human’ names weren’t the only moniker given to cars, with 11% of respondents saying that movies and TV shows influenced the naming of their vehicles such as Gandalf, Trashpanda, Gremlin and Mrs Potter amongst the oddball choices.

Cult TV hero Knightrider had a car called Kitt of course, and the Dukes of Hazzard drove a muscle car known as The General. Then there’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the impossible to destroy 1957 Plymouth Fury Christine and Herbie the VW Beetle.

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