Royal Dutch Touring Club Partners Up With Neos on Home Cover Product

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) is announcing its partnership with Neos, a leading smart home insurance company, to launch their ‘Veilig van Huis’ (‘Safe from Home’) home insurance, which makes it possible for customers to keep an eye on their home while on holiday. The new offering uniquely combines home, building and liability insurance with security packages and services from the ANWB emergency center, allowing customers to check-in on their home remotely via an app on their smartphone, as long as they have an internet connection.

While away from home, ANWB members are reported to be most concerned about home burglaries (58%) and fires (26%), however the research* from ANWB shows that water damage at home is 20x more common than theft and 13x more common than house fires in the Netherlands. As the research also shows that ANWB members most commonly ask their neighbours to keep an eye on their home while they’re away, water damage becomes the most dangerous culprit for home disasters as water leaks are almost impossible to spot from the outside.

“Every year we get more than 900 reports of water leaks, making it one of the most common damages in the house. To quickly identify and reduce the risk of these damages happening in the first place, we have developed the ‘Safe from Home’ package. Our partnership with Neos has been crucial in helping us deliver a first-class service to our customers, as should any damage occur, customers will be able to schedule an emergency repair remotely via the smartphone app”, explains Klaas Kregel, spokesperson for the ANWB.

“Neos and ANWB share the same drive to innovate and create added value for customers, so we are thrilled to be partnering with ANWB as out first step beyond our UK operations and extend our services into the Dutch market. We constantly strive to deliver above and beyond expectations and are always developing our safety package to provide customers with added home security and peace of mind,” adds Matt Poll, CEO of Neos.

The ‘Safe from Home’ safety package contains a camera sensitive to movement and sound, two motion sensors, two water sensors and a WiFi hub where all the devices are connected. If one of the sensors detects possible damage or burglary, our customers get a notification in the app and can take instant action. This in-app message is followed by a text message, an automated phone call and finally a call from the ANWB emergency centre. If it is not possible to reach the insured person, contact with one of the emergency contact persons specified by the insured person will be contacted.

The package is offered with a free installation service and can be bought via

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