Coverbox Data Reveals Multi-Claim Fraud Attempt – £55,000 Scam, Denied

On the 4th March 2019, Coverbox received a claims report request from an insurer. The incident had taken place towards the end of last year in the Oldham area. 

At first it was believed that the handler simply wanted to validate the incident, as it had received nine personal injury claims. However, upon reviewing the driving data, it was established that no crash message had been recorded. As Coverbox delved deeper into the report, it became apparent that the policyholder’s movements were suspect. The motorist, driving a Vauxhall Meriva, was going up and down a country lane, reversing around corners and spending sporadic periods of time stationary with the ignition still switched on. 

Coverbox decided to pull the policyholder’s entire driving data to see whether they had ever visited or even driven past the reported incident location – which they had not. The claim has been repudiated on all counts due to it being fraudulent.

The nine injury claims amounted to a total of £55,000. However, no medical reports were received so this was just a standard reserve per occupant. The likelihood of an increased pay-out could have potentially been much higher, had they persisted with the claim. 

This case has now been reported to the IFB, proving once again the benefit of telematics in the fight against fraudulent claims and the millions it costs insurers and ultimately policyholders in the UK each year.

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