Autonomous Tech: 5StarS Consortium on Driverless Cars Welcomed by Thatcham

A proposed assurance framework launched by 5StarS on connected and autonomous vehicle cybersecurity has been welcomed by Thatcham Research.

The consortium, an Innovate UK project which brings together key research bodies (HORIBA MIRA, Ricardo, Roke, Axillium Research and Thatcham Research) to address the increased cybersecurity threat around connected and autonomous vehicles, has released the framework to give confidence to consumers and insurers.

The assurance framework sets out to build trust in the ability of manufacturers to mitigate against cyber threats and be resilient to attacks, as well as being able to demonstrate that they will respond quickly and effectively to attacks or vulnerabilities.

It will also enable manufacturers to gain assurance in the capabilities of their products, use resilience as a market differentiator and establish meaningful ways of communicating cybersecurity risk to consumers.

Richard Billyeald, Chief Technical Officer, Thatcham Research, said: “Through our research and evidence gathered to develop the framework, we are confident that it is a workable and positive response to the issues posed by new technology, and increases peace of mind for consumers. The framework will allow vehicle manufacturers and others to deal with the risks but also consider the clear opportunities on offer.”

The 5StarS framework will provide a roadmap to increasing assurance, which starts by providing practical guidance and support for vehicle manufacturers to meet the demands of the emerging regulations and standards, such as ISO/SAE 21434, while introducing independent vehicle vulnerability assessments.

The framework also proposes a consumer-facing risk rating system to reassure consumers about their choice of vehicle. The system will reflect the level of cybersecurity assurance of any new vehicle, provide underwriters with information to help assess a vehicle’s cyber risk, address the evolving threat landscape – including international differences, and include consideration for ongoing maintenance/technical inspection.

Future of Mobility Minister Michael Ellis said: “Self-driving technology will help transform our society for the better, and the UK has led the way globally in supporting the world’s first standard on vehicle cyber security.

“The new assurance framework developed by the 5StarS consortium builds on this work, helping ensure this technology is safe, secure, and resilient to cyber-attacks.”

See a video on Thatcham Research summing up current progress on driverless tech here;

Paul Wooderson, Cybersecurity Principal Engineer at HORIBA MIRA and 5StarS project lead, added: “The 5StarS project has delivered a novel and scalable way for vehicle manufacturers to increase confidence in the cybersecurity of their products, from the design stage through the vehicle lifecycle, and demonstrate that to consumers and insurers.”

The proposed timings for adoption and implementation of the framework are laid out in the roadmap, enabling assurance to be increased over time.

Full details of the proposed framework, roadmap and assurance rating system are set out in the 5StarS white paper ‘A Roadmap to Resilience: How the Automotive Sector can Build Trust in Connected Vehicles’ and can be downloaded below.

For more information on 5StarS visit: 5starsproject

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