London is Claims Capital for UK Van Drivers – Stash Your Tools, Get Cameras

Belfast has been crowned the safest city in the UK for van drivers, according to new investigation from Admiral Van insurance with van drivers in the Northern Ireland capital the least likely to be involved in a road accident.

Analysing data from its van insurance customers for incidences of theft and claims for accidents, Admiral has revealed how likely van drivers in cities and regions across the UK are to make a claim. Unsurprisingly, the most likely van driver to suffer a break-in and theft of contents is Builder, followed by Carpenter, Electrician and Plumber. Outside of London, the top theft hotspots were the Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

With over 4.1 million vans on UK roads, and a 26% increase in the last 10 years more vans are being driven than ever before, as retail shifts online and more goods are being delivered via Yodel, DPS, UPS, Royal Mail and delivery freelancers.

Meanwhile, all ten top spots for van drivers most likely to claim for an accident are taken by areas in and directly neighbouring London, making it the van accident capital of the UK. Outside of Greater London, St Albans, Maidstone and the Isle of Man (Yeah, who knew? – Ed) are the most likely places for van drivers to claim for an accident, all falling within the top 20 places where drivers are most likely to make a claim.

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Regionally, van drivers in Greater London are the most likely to make a claim for an accident, with over 17% having made a claim. Van drivers in the South East and South West were second and third most likely to claim for accidents.

As part of the investigation, Admiral analysed the age of vans involved in accidents and found that vans less than a year old were the most likely to be involved in an accident, compared to vans over 10 years old which were the least likely to be involved in an accident.

Mark Gabriel, Head of Van Insurance at Admiral, said: “For many van drivers up and
down the country, the van is more than just a mode of transport to get from A to B. Often the van is a vital piece of equipment which helps them do their job, so anything that jeopardises that can have a much wider impact beyond not being able to getting about.

“When it comes to theft, we recommend van policyholders – whatever their profession –
consider additional safety features for their vehicle to deter criminals. They should also not leave anything on show in their van and always park in a well-lit, public area. Making sure you have the right insurance cover is vital to making sure they can get back up and running as soon as possible in the event anything untoward should happen.”

Insurance Edge Comment:

Anyone leasing or investing in a new van might be spending over 35K including tools and equipment on-board, so it makes sense to fit front and rear cameras to deter the crash-for-cash merchants and record the aggressive driving of other road users. Some camera systems have a motion sensor too, plus night vision, and a 360 degree view, so they start recording if someone is reversing into your bumper at 2am, or trying to jemmy open the sliding side door – good to know!

Alternatively, you could place a sticker in your back window saying No Tools Left in This Van Overnight. Nah, not gonna work now is it?

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