CS Healthcare Welcomes All Consumers, Not Just Public Sector Employees

One of the most archaic hangovers from the 1970s, when Britain was sharply delineated by class, has finally been put to bed. Once, members of civil service and white collar unions such as NALGO, CPSA, NUT and NUPE were offered preferential insurance rates, based on the presumption – some might say bias – that the membership was largely middle class, lived in nicer areas and tended to lead rather staid, predictable lives.

But we are now in an era where individual personal data, based on smartphone tracked lifestyle, occupation, marital status, claims history, fitness apps/trackers etc allows insurers to offer life and illness cover based on a range of factors, not just one blunt fact. Refreshing, and of course, much more inclusive. So here’s some excellent news from CS Healthcare, who have announced a fundamental change to their eligibility criteria.

Historically, all new members were considered eligible to join CS Healthcare based on their chosen profession. You had to work in the public sector or be a civil servant to become a member. As of August 2019, this eligibility criteria no longer applies. Now everyone can experience award-winning customer service.

No matter what your occupation is, CS Healthcare can help you to access the best products for your individual needs. Whether you are looking for individual, family or group cover, we have the know-how when it comes to providing health insurance policies designed to meet your needs. It’s just one of the reasons we have one of the highest Trustpilot scores among UK providers.

Speaking of the development, acting CEO Tom Gidaracos, said:

“Now everyone can benefit from joining CS Healthcare. Our restricted set of eligibility criteria is no longer seen as an advantage, but rather a barrier to accessing the attractive products CS Healthcare offers. 

“We believe the time is right to embrace a wide audience and offer our choice of plans, our exceptional customer service and our comprehensive member focus to all. 

“We look forward to continuing to provide our existing members with our consistent high levels of service as well as welcoming new future members to the Society. While our eligibility requirements have changed, our values and mutual ethos have not.”

About CS Healthcare

CS Healthcare has been providing exceptional healthcare insurance since 1929, with partnerships with over 300 carefully selected hospitals and medical provider services. CS Healthcare is committed to ensuring our members and their families have swift and easy access to affordable private healthcare insurance from a wider range of hospitals and specialist healthcare providers across the UK.

For more information: visit https://www.cshealthcare.co.uk/

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