Bollington Re-Thinks Office Life After Corona Restrictions

IE Comment; Following the PM’s Briefing yesterday many insurers and brokers are going to have to re-imagine how they do business. Gathering hundreds of people together in air-conditioned offices isn’t going to cut it over the next 12 months or so. More home-based jobs will become the norm, with secure online portals for employees replacing in-house IT systems. More work will get done, less inane Love Island banter – result.

Shows and conferences must be scaled back and some may be cancelled forever sadly. But what was their inherent value? Could all those insurtech slideshare pitches have been submitted on a high speed broadband connection instead? Fact is, many MGA/broker client meetings or satellite office catch-ups can be Skype or Zoom video connected, which should save thousands of motorway miles and company car fleet management costs.

The upside of all this could be a huge reduction in commuting time for millions of us, and an incredible amount of infrastructure resource saved by the entire country – particularly in London and the SE, where millions of people move via expensive public transport for up to three hours per day. These changes are long overdue in some sectors of the insurance industry, so let’s embrace the new ways of doing business and learn a bittersweet lesson from Corona Virus.

Here’s the latest news from Bollington;

Following discussions at executive board level, Bollington would like to clarify our approach to business continuity during the unprecedented events surrounding Covid-19 coronavirus. As a business, our primary aims are to protect the health and wellbeing of all our staff, and to ensure continuity of service for our loyal clients.

While the business has followed the latest government and scientific advice available throughout the declared pandemic, we have decided to go further and proactively implement new processes and procedures as part of our business continuity plans.

To continue to offer the best possible service to our clients, we have:

· Adopted a partial homeworking policy with immediate effect

· 50/50 parallel home/office working environment

· Started instigating an ‘empty desk’ policy between office-based workers, to keep an appropriate distance between them and avoid the spread of infection

· Banned business travel between our six offices across the Group

· Stopped non-essential internal and external meetings favouring conference/video calls

· Kept any essential meetings to an absolute minimum in terms of frequency and numbers

· Closed our doors to external visitors

· Increased internet bandwidth across the Group, to accommodate access to all business hosted services from remote locations

· Made use of technology to allow for teleconferences and video conferences, in place of face-to-face meetings

Group CEO Paul Moors said: “As this situation continues to develop at speed, we will be constantly monitoring and assessing our arrangements, ensuring we have sufficient capacity to effectively serve our clients.

“By triggering the first phase of our business continuity plan, we are intervening early to enable business to continue as usual. Should the situation escalate, further measures are planned to maintain the quality and availability of services to our clients.

“We know that these are difficult times for many people. We will do everything in our power to make sure our staff and clients are treated with empathy and respect, however the circumstances unfold.”

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