Corona: MAPFRE Steps Up with 5m Euro Research Grant to Fight Pandemic

Insurers are getting a hard time right now, over their sudden U-turn on contagious disease cover and the slow response that some stranded travellers have encountered when trying to get home. Pointing out the small print exclusions in Business Interruption cover hasn’t really helped the situation. So it’s fantastic to publish some positive – truly pro-active news – from within the sector. 

MAPFRE will donate five million euros to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) to accelerate research in Spain and, especially, investigations related to COVID-19. The contribution will allow a  comprehensive study of this pandemic, deepen the knowledge of the virus and its transmission  mechanisms, and promote not only a vaccine against it, but also a scientific basis to better protect the  population against future pandemics.

This action is announced within the framework of a MAPFRE’s strategy against COVID-19 based on  three lines of action: protect people, safeguard economic activity, especially employment, and help  society to overcome the impact in the medium and longer term.
The National Center for Biotechnology (CNB) of CSIC was already a pioneer, and decisive with its  genetic engineering techniques, for the achievement of the SARS vaccine in 2002.

“Companies, as corporate citizens, must also have a relevant role participating in public-private  alliances such as this that allow the fight against the pandemic to be accelerated,” said Antonio  Huertas, president of MAPFRE. “It is at these times when we have to take firm steps that help society  to overcome this extraordinary situation, and contribute to the way out of this crisis with the least  possible impact. We are all called to coordinated and solidary action, we are very proud to contribute  to the research that CSIC is leading, and we hope that more entities will join this effort to achieve the vaccine that the world population needs.”

MAPFRE also wants to vindicate the work of scientists and researchers not only at specific times like  those present, but in general as an essential activity for the progress of individuals and societies.

Rosa Menéndez the president of CSIC, stated that “this donation represents a considerable boost for the CSIC  teams. We are already working to unravel the keys to the new coronavirus, but we are also launching more than 50 coordinated projects to jointly address the challenge posed by the pandemic. These are projects that  range from biotechnology and diagnostic nanosensors to mathematical models to understand the spread of  the disease. MAPFRE’s support will allow usto accelerate these projects.”

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