Learner Bikers Are Getting Better at Passing UK Motorcycle Test

Pass rates for learner motorbike riders have topped 70% for both practical and theory tests, according to new government figures. Department for Transport stats show that 72 percent of the 44,300 learners who took the practical motorcycle test during the last 12 months passed. Overall pass rates for practical tests have steadily risen from the 61 percent recorded in 2009-10.

Men’s pass rates stood at 74 percent, up from 54% over the same period. The pass rate for women over the past 12 months came in significantly lower at 54 percent, although this is a marked increase from the 42 percent recorded a decade earlier.

The cost of getting CBT tuition, buying a good quality helmet, boots, gloves and leather clothing can easily top £1000, so part of the reason for the higher pass rate could be that new bikers have invested a great deal in their transport choice – beyond the cost of the motorcycle or scooter itself.

The data, which is updated on a quarterly basis, shows 71 percent of the 43,600 learners who took the theory test passed. Theory test pass rates for both sexes have remained around 70 percent since 2009-10.

Greg Wilson, founder of Quotezone.co.uk, a leading motorbike insurance and car insurance comparison site, says:

“Motorbikes are inherently more dangerous than cars, so it’s welcome news that the high pass rates for motorcyclists seem to suggest that learner riders spend more time practicing than many learner car drivers do.

“Motorbikes are more likely to be involved in an accident and have much higher fatality rates when an accident does occur, since motorcyclists are a lot more exposed than car drivers or their passengers.

“Learner motorbike riders are clearly taking these facts to heart while learning to ride, reflected in the fact that average pass rates for learner motorcyclists topped 70% in the last 12 months, compared with just 46% of learner drivers who passed the car practical test in the same period.”


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