Your Job Could Cost You An Extra £200 a Year on Your Car Insurance

Vanarama analysed the UK’s 100 most common job titles and submitted them for an insurance quote on a leading car comparison site, always keeping the details of the car the same. The results have revealed the occupations are considered most high risk by car insurance companies, and so charged the most.

Drivers in the hospitality industry have the most expensive insurance cost out of the UK’s 100 most common job roles. Insurance companies, according to previous studies, consider professions where the driver of the car is on the road for a longer time as being high risk, due to the fact they are more likely of being in an accident. Drivers would be charged a minimum of £479.80 per year to be insured on a 1.5 litre Volkswagen Golf.

However, the same can’t be said for chefs, hairdressers, bar staff and fitness instructors, who make up the rest of the top 5 list. Most wouldn’t consider their professions as being relatively risky, yet insurance on the same car would cost them a minimum of £381.15. This is in comparison to the likes of a firefighter and police officer, who would be charged £350.57 and £337.87 respectively.

Mechanics have the cheapest annual car insurance costs of the 100 job roles analysed at just £298.61 a year to be insured on a 1.5 litre Volkswagen Golf. This may be due to the nature of their work, that insurance companies would expect mechanics’ cars to be in good condition and driven in a considerate way that wouldn’t damage the vehicle.

Administrators and designers were also low on the scale of car insurance costs, who would be charged £303.44 and £312.91 respectively.

See the full list of the 100 job titles analysed:

Women Now Pay More For Car Insurance Than Men

To find out if there is still a gender bias in car insurance, Vanarama grouped each profession into several sectors of industry such as education, construction and retail etc. They then compared the average costs of car insurance for a 1.5L Volkswagen Golf in each of these industries to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which show us the gender bias in each sector.


Their research shows that on average, it now costs women more to insure their car than men by £15.33 per year. (That is just a sample of working women of course,  not all women – Ed)

Stand Out Stats

  • Drivers, chefs, hairdressers and bar staff are charged the most for car insurance
  • Mechanics, administrators and designers are charged the least for car insurance
  • Women now pay £15.33 more than men for their annual car insurance


To create these car insurance quotes, Vanarama used data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), BBC and Statista to come up with the average UK driver. They typically drive a Volkswagen Golf, travel around 7,600 miles per year, have comprehensive car insurance cover and no previous accident claims to their name.
They then entered these details into the UK’s largest car comparison website 100 times, changing only the job role each time. This showed which occupations are being charged the most to insure the exact same car in the UK, and the price difference between them.
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