Ecclesiastical & Factor 3 Team Up on Social Media Guide

Social media is a minefield for many brands. One careless tweet can go viral, encouraging a Twitter mob to pile on, and there are organised campaigns to damage companies that are seen to be supporting the wrong side politically or perhaps insure a sector that is being targeted by enviromentalists. We live in an era where everyone seems to take offence at something, so it’s difficult to maintain a friendly consumer response, plus mix in corporate news and messages too. So here’s some timely advice for brokers;

To help brokers keep connected with their customers during the Covid-19 outbreak, Ecclesiastical and Factor 3 have teamed up to produce a guide on how to use social media during these difficult times. The latest module in Ecclesiastical’s popular Social Club programme has been released to support brokers during the UK-wide lockdown, which has created new challenges for them and their customers alike.

‘Staying Social during COVID-19’, is a ‘do’s and don’ts’ guide to help brokers navigate social media throughout the outbreak.

Launched in 2019, the Social Club project has provided brokers with handy tips and tools to help them get the most out of social media and to make it work for them and their customers.

The guides have been developed with Factor 3’s social media and digital marketing expert Laura Sensecall and cover areas such as how to build follower numbers, how to advertise on social media and how to make social media easier to use.

Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director at Ecclesiastical, said: “Many brokers may have been feeling unsure about the best way to keep in touch with customers during this challenging time, and whether or not social media is an appropriate channel to do so. We have used our unique position as market specialists to respond to the needs of the brokers we work with, moving quickly to get the input from the experts and to produce this guide.

“Communication with customers is so important at the best of times, so it is even more vital that our partners get things right as we work through these challenging times.

“The expertise of Factor 3 has been valuable in helping us to producing this guide which can help our broker partners to enhance their brand and build strong relationships with their audience.”

For more information on The Social Club, visit where you can find video tutorials and PDF guides.

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