Classic Car Insurance: How Do You Value a Bond Car? Bid Me

Where would you be in offering an agreed valuation this Land Rover, as featured in Spectre? It’s a tricky one, because of course not all Bond cars are equal. An Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, or an amphibious Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me, is obviously worth a fortune. In fact Tesla founder Elon Musk bought the Lotus submariner for $1 million dollars back in 2013.

But anyone hoping the Ford Mondeo featured in Casino Royale might be worth a cool million one day would be sadly disappointed. Let’s not even mention the AMC Concord used briefly in Moonraker shall we?

aston martin DB5 bond movie car

So here’s the spec on this chunky Defender; Eon Productions commissioned 10 special 110 Defenders from Land Rover and with the help of Bowler Motorsport, specialist Land Rover modifiers, they converted them into the ultimate getaway cars.

Bowler Motorsport added huge 37-inch tyres, a heavy-duty roll-cage, stiffened up the suspension and among other things installed a hydraulic hand brake to spice up the action. The engine was also tuned to 180bhp. They have vast experience competing in the Paris-Dakar rally, so you can rest assured that Bowler know what they’re doing when it comes to mods that actually translate into off-road performance.

There were two specifications of cars produced, one for the high-speed getaway road cars and the others for the snow scenes of which this is one of those.

Only seven of the ten specially produced cars now survive and this car is number 9, three were destroyed during filming, no surprise there!

Nick Whale, Silverstone Auctions Managing Director commented: “This is a very special opportunity for someone to own a piece of Bond film history. The rarity of these means they don’t come to market that often.”

“Anything from the Bond franchise attracts worldwide interest and this Land Rover is almost as it was from the day it left the film set. It will need registering if you wish to use it on the road and it comes with a file of correspondence including details of when and where the car was to be used in the film.”

IE Comment;

We are going for an auction price of around £155,000 on this one. It’s a car you can take to all kinds of classic shows and events, plus enter an off-road event if you’re feeling cheeky too, although the risk of damaging a piece of movie history is maybe something that requires an extra premium on top?

Post a guesstimate below 😉



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