Road Safety: Londoners Suffer Traffic Meltdown on a Weekly Basis

Some research from Quidco Compare, who have discovered that drivers in London experience regular episodes of road rage. Failure to signal, or chucking litter from the windows can lead to a `Triggered’ situation. Oddly enough nobody seems annoyed by 120 decibel drum n bass being blared out at 1am, whilst making a TikTok video, but it’s definitely on our numptie list. Here’s the word from Quidco.

More than 40% of people said that their biggest driving pet peeve is people not indicating when driving on roads. Over 55s find this lacklustre habit the most annoying, with almost 50% saying it topped their driving pet peeve list. Those aged 16-24, however, are less bothered by a lack of indicating, instead feeling most enraged when drivers throw litter out of the window.

The research, commissioned by Quidco Compare, found that of the UK’s 33.6 million drivers, over 50% of us experience road rage on a weekly basis due to what we deem as bad driving. Men are slightly more inclined to have road rage (52.57% v 48.70% for women) – as are 16-24s (a staggering 81.65% said they do).

It seems the capital’s drivers are the most prone to road rage – perhaps unsurprisingly; nearly 60% of London drivers experience road rage at least once a week. Closely followed by Liverpool (56.36%) drivers, it’s best to avoid these if you’re looking for a more leisurely drive. Nottingham (37.97%) and Edinburgh (41.03%), however, have the most chilled out drivers.

Despite raging, it seems we’re a bunch of hypocrites and admit to doing exactly what we hate. More than 16% of us have admitted to not always indicating when driving, with 35-44s most likely to commit hypocrisy. Over 97% of 35-44s admitted to not indicating over the last 12 months – almost 10% said it’s happened more than 20 times.

The faux pas we admit to making the most is driving through amber lights; over 25% said they’ve driven through amber lights during the last 12 months – nearly 2% said they’ve done it more than 20 times.

And now for the really gritty stuff – who are the most infuriating drivers? Well look away young males as you’ve officially been voted as the most annoying (except by yourselves). More than 4 in 10 (41.73%) think young males are the most irritating drivers on roads. And young males who drive a BMW have nowhere to hide; over a third (34.27%) of people associate BMW drivers as being the most annoying.

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