Loadsure Partners With Morpheus Network on Freight Cover

Loadsure has announced its partnership with supply chain SaaS middleware platform, Morpheus.Network, bringing set-it-and-forget-it cargo insurance to the power of blockchain tracking.

After the pandemic saw ships effectively stranded at sea, sometimes for months as crews had to be quarantined, it’s more important than ever to have the right insurance on perishable goods.

In just moments, cold chain brokers, shippers, and freight forwarders can automate coverage for their perishable goods with per-load, all-risk insurance, ultimately, automating claims triggers and accelerating claims resolution with an indisputable record.

“We’re very excited about the customer benefits that Morpheus.Network blockchain technologies bring to our solution,” says Loadsure CEO, Johnny McCord. “This trusted record across the entire supply chain eliminates the verification and subjectivity ordinarily involved in claims. For our customers, that means we can dramatically speed-up claims and reduce processing costs—savings that we pass on to them.”

Much of the world’s freight today is uninsured or underinsured, due, in part, to the time-consuming manual processes involved in traditional cargo insurance. Leveraging automation, blockchain technologies, API integrations, and IoT devices, Morpheus.Network users can now leverage Loadsure’s pay-as-you-go insurance solution through one click or by setting business rules that trigger automated certificates at highly competitive rates.

We’re bringing together all of the disjointed pieces of the supply chain puzzle and ensuring everything happens at the right time and in the right place—mitigating disruption and reducing costs,” says Morpheus.Network Co-Founder & COO, Noam Eppel. “Loadsure is a critical piece of that puzzle. We’re thrilled to now offer automated policies and also automatically trigger claims when refrigerated loads exceed temperature thresholds, for example. At the end of the day, it’s all about making things simple. Loadsure helps us do just that.”

For more information, visit loadsure.net.

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