RAC Reaction to EV Only Parking Spaces

In another proposal designed to create more social division and conflict, as if farcical Covid-19 regulations aren’t enough, the UK government has announced that it wants to give councils the powers to paint `green only’ car parking spaces on public car parks, and roads. Virtue signalling councils will then be able to punish petrol, diesel and hybrid car users, by sending them out of town, or restricting parking space availability.

Electric car buyers already get exemption from VED, a tax which helps to fund the roads network. Many EV buyers also receive a subsidy on the purchase price. By creating `green plate’ spaces, and possibly special bus lane access in the future, the government risks setting up a type of apartheid system, where the wealthy – who can afford to virtue signal – are given special commuting and shopping privileges.

A bit like white privilege – and we all know how badly that ended.

Here’s some comment from the RAC;

Commenting on the electric vehicle initiatives announced today by the Government, RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said:

“One-in-10 new cars sold in the UK last month were electric, so things are definitely moving in the right direction when it comes to take-up of greener vehicles. More, and faster charging points, at places where people spend time like at supermarkets and tourist destinations makes a lot of sense and will help banish for good any drivers’ worries over so-called ‘range anxiety’.

“But there remains a way to go, and while the sight of green parking spaces for priority parking could be an alluring prospect for some to go electric, it’s probably unlikely to be the strong trigger the Government wants to get more of us opting for an EV.

“Drivers continue to tell us that the biggest barrier to them opting for an electric car over one fuelled by petrol or diesel is the upfront cost. The price of running an electric car is much lower than a petrol or diesel one, but people need to be able to afford them in the first place. This will change as more manufacturers offer zero emission alternatives, but the impact of the pandemic on people’s finance is also likely to affect their ability to be able to trade up to an electric car.

“There is a genuine interest among drivers to go electric, but to take that leap of faith the Government might need some bolder fiscal action to nudge them across the zero-emission line.”

The RAC is the first UK breakdown assistance firm to offer bespoke services to drivers of electric cars, including its EV Boost and All-Wheels-Up technologies

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