MAPFRE Makes Strategic Changes to Management Team

MAPFRE has approved a broad renewal of its management teams to advance its strategic objectives, and accelerate the company’s transformation agenda, strengthening capacities in the main regions where it operates. The renewal of the management team, which has been carried out with internal talent and in accordance with the provisions of the company’s Succession Plans, also seeks to strengthen the group’s ability to respond to the economic and social challenges of the complex global context.

Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, affirmed that “the renewal of the management team allows us to capitalize on the extraordinary internal talent we have at our disposal within the company. All the appointed executives bring great experience and deep knowledge of our Group with them to their new positions. I am convinced that they will give a renewed boost to our operations that will benefit our clients and allow us to advance with our company’s profitable growth plans.”

In Brazil and in the United States, the work carried out in recent quarters is beginning to bear fruit, so the mission of the new CEOs is to accelerate the profitable scenario envisaged in the Strategic Plan. In the United States, a newly-created position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) is also included, to be filled by an executive with broad experience in the Group’s Business and Clients Area.

In Spain, there is greater integration between the Life and Non-Life businesses, in that the new CEO of MAPFRE VIDA will also hold the position of that of General Director of the Sales and Business Development Area of MAPFRE IBERIA, where he was already the most senior executive.

Also relevant is the reinforcement in MAPFRE’s corporate areas, with all the joining executives holding extensive business experience gained during their work with the Group.

All appointments come into effect on 1 January, with the exception of the renewal at MAPFRE Middlesea (Malta), which will take place on 1 April 2021.


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