Metromile Ride Along: Can PAYG Car Insurance Work Out Cheaper?

Metromile, a top insurance carrier in user experience, today announced the launch of Ride Along, a free new way for drivers to understand if their driving can result in a lower car insurance rate before they sign up. More than 124 million Americans could be overpaying for car insurance, missing out on as much as $947 a year in savings because they do not pay per mile, according to a recent survey of new customers who saved with Metromile.

Drivers can begin a Ride Along after downloading the Metromile app and entering some basic information. Then, the Ride Along begins with no obligation to purchase from Metromile. Drivers go about their routines and have their smartphone in the vehicle when they drive. After about two weeks, drivers will see how much they drove and their expected monthly bill. They can then switch and start their coverage with Metromile to lock in their rates and any savings — all within minutes.

In select states, drivers can also save up to an additional 40% on their initial Metromile quote after their Ride Along for demonstrating safe driving habits. Rates for Metromile’s pay-per-mile car insurance start at $29 per month and a few cents for each mile driven.

Metromile is a leader in providing drivers with personalized car insurance. It is the only insurer to use artificial intelligence and sensor-based telematics across all of its policies to price rates down to the mile for each driver in near real-time. The technology-based approach enables Metromile to focus its rates on actual observed driving in contrast to insurance companies whose pricing may weigh more heavily on a driver’s age, credit score, gender, marital status or ZIP code.

Interest and demand for Metromile are increasing amid the coronavirus pandemic as drivers dramatically reduce their driving and search for ways to reduce the cost of car ownership. Usage-based insurance, including pay-per-mile car insurance, which Metromile leads in the U.S., is expected to reach more than $125 billion globally by 2027, up from $24 billion in 2019, according to industry research.

To learn more about how much drivers can save with pay-per-mile car insurance, visit, or to start a Ride Along, download the Metromile app on the App Store or Google Play.

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