Strain on NHS Prompts Demand For Private Healthcare

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As the COVID vaccines are being rolled out and GPs are being put under even more strain, many healthcare check ups are suffering as a result. With 34% less people being referred for routine hospital care, the impact that this will have on healthcare services, particularly cancer detection and care, is worrying, says Pall Mall Research.

The lockdowns have caused serious delays as regards diagnosis and consultations for millions of people, which in turn has sparked a demand in 2020 for private medical insurance plans. If you have a family, this can be the most cost-effective way of getting everyone covered and cutting down on waiting times.

According to the latest research by the NW based diagnosis and testing specialists, healthcare services are being impacted significantly:

  • 4.2m patients are already on NHS waiting lists for routine elective care, with around half waiting more than the 18-week standard

  • It is estimated that up to 10 million people will require new or additional mental health support

  • Referrals to clinical areas have declined as follows:

  • Oral surgery (43% lower than in 2019, representing 177,591 fewer people)

  • Trauma and orthopaedics (42% lower, representing 622,593 fewer people). This includes surgery for hip and knee replacements

  • Ophthalmology (41% lower, representing 531,660 fewer people). This includes cataract operations

  • Thoracic medicine (29%, or 98,546 fewer people) cardiothoracic surgery (29%, or 7,889 fewer people)

  • Neurosurgery (29% lower, or 23,872 fewer people); urology (28% lower, representing 186,119 fewer people).

During these uncertain times, an alternative healthcare option might be the only way for people to be seen by a doctor or specialist.

Pall Mall Medical are keen to raise awareness of the struggle that the NHS is under and want to reveal to others how private healthcare can be affordable and accessible to everyone. With Pall Mall Medical introducing a range of special offers on services that the NHS are struggling to private, it is more important now than ever before that we do what we can to help the NHS.

Pall Mall Medical’s GP, Dr Chun Tang explains:

“I am a long believer in the NHS, but through my experience as both an NHS and Private GP, I feel that the NHS is struggling to cope with the increasing amount of pressure it’s facing (largely down to COVID-19) – and that now more than ever it needs the support of the private healthcare sector, which includes providers like Pall Mall. If patients can afford to go private, they will not only get faster diagnosis and treatment, they will also be helping to relieve some of the pressure on the NHS.

Private Healthcare offers no queues, no waiting time, no referrals and no anxiety/uncertainty, waiting for follow up scans/treatment. With Private Healthcare, the service is faster and takes place in excellent quality facilities with many experienced consultant specialists. Additionally, GPs deliver a first class service to patients.”

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