Gimme Some Respect! OK, But Only If You Drive a Classic

There has long been a series of urban myths and unwritten rules that govern the way we drive. Are people in 4x4s really the king of the road? Do people get car envy? Do motorists really not respect younger drivers as much as their older peers?

Bristol Street Motors (BSM) decided to put these myths to the test. Their research has shown that drivers are more considerate and courteous depending on what type of car you drive and your actions on the road – and the big winners are classic car owners.

Key Findings

  • 45% of motorists are more careful on the road around classic cars.
  • Nearly a third of motorists (31%) would let family car drivers out at a junction over other types of vehicles.
  • Over half of motorists, 54%, are more courteous to older drivers on the road.
  • Four out of 10 motorists (44%) said they are more courteous to cars with a ‘baby on board’ sign.
  • 25% of motorists can’t help but compare cars when a similar car drives past.

Along with classic cars, the survey also found that nearly a third of motorists will give preferential treatment  to family type cars. Many drivers also stated that were more likely to give way to van drivers over other types of vehicles. Could that be a fear that van drivers might be in a hurry, or may park or brake suddenly?The vehicle type that motorists would be least likely to give way to at a junction would be a convertible, with only 2% responding that they would. Why do we all hate convertible drivers? Nobody really knows, but it’s probably because they seem to be having fun.

Photo courtesy: Collection Renault Classic

Fancy a Race? I’d Rather Block You Mate

BSM asked UK motorists would they consider holding up drivers on purpose if they considered them to be driving too fast? Interestingly, 53% responded that they might hold speeding drivers up, while 27% said they have done so in the past. On the other hand, some 16% of motorists also told BSM that that they would consider ‘racing’ a sports car if one drove alongside them.

Refreshingly, some 46% said they were more careful around learner drivers, which is good news for insurers as learners and the newly qualified are at much higher risk of being involved in an accident.

As 66% of drivers also stated they were more courteous to those with a Baby On Board sticker in the rear window, then maybe these should be issued alongside a Provisional Licence. That was satire by the way, please don’t start a Cancel campaign on Twitter.



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