Customer Engagement Just Got Intuitive

Artesian Solutions, a leading provider of client intelligence and risk solutions, announces the launch of Engagement Signals, a fully customisable way of identifying critical changes in a target company using bespoke rules, built on top of its new Connect Platform. To remain competitive, front-line financial services professionals need a constant supply of highly relevant intelligence and insight on their clients to facilitate advanced prospecting, customer monitoring, efficient onboarding, ongoing assessment of portfolio risks, and automated underwriting.

Artesian ConnectTM harnesses what the company refers to as the Know-How Equationä.  This framework captures and applies a business’s collective expertise – their Know-How. ConnectTMthen leverages an advanced rules-engine to apply that Know-How to millions of structured and unstructured data points, revealing highly targeted calls to action.  Engagement Signals use these same capabilities to deliver personalised ‘signals’ or ‘triggers’ which notify the user of Next-Best-Actions that they could take on an account.

Engagement Signals are controlled by ‘rules’ which have been configured to a team’s unique criteria of what might require action with a client. This means front-line sales and relationship management professionals get:

  • More time – accelerating onboarding, simplifying processes, automating due diligence, pre-screening and triaging of prospects
  • An improved ability to anticipate needs – quickly identifying client-specific value drivers, monitoring changing circumstances, predicting needs and preparing diligently
  • The insight to navigate the road ahead – always being the first to spot opportunities and risks, understanding sector trends
In addition to Engagement Signals, Artesian is also showcasing its new Briefing Page, a virtual command centre providing an immediate snapshot of a company’s health and performance.  In addition to being the home of Engagement Signals, the Artesian Briefing Page includes essential financial information, ownership summary (UBO), latest news, previous screening data and user notes.
Rich Clark, VP of Product Development at Artesian commented:
“We make it a priority to listen to our users and evolve our platform to solve their highest value challenges and ability to deliver transformational results.  Financial Service organisations are now in a position where they must urgently transform their digital business strategies.  With Artesian Connect, modern frontline banking and insurance teams can rapidly merge disparate data sources, create bespoke rules for risk selection utilising rich firmographic data and, most importantly, deliver insight from unstructured data that paints a much deeper picture for next-generation client experiences. Engagement Signals represent a simple way for our users to leverage the power of the ConnectTMPlatform through a pre-built set of features and rules.”

Artesian Engagement Signals is available as an extension for existing Engage product customers. For more information, please visit

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