iRevolution Using Tech To Accelerate its Growth

The insurance broker group, iRevolution Group, recently hit new heights after smashing their financial targets. But, they’re not stopping there.

After hitting £40million in GWP, 8 years since their set up, they’ve set their sights on earning £100million GWP in the next five years. To achieve this, they’ve had to make huge technological strides.

Developing innovative technology to streamline once long winded processes, they’ve improved their customer’s experiences in ways the brokerage industry has never seen before. By refining the processes for non-standard risks, iRevolution Group has created more opportunity for people seeking insurance, helping alleviate the stress some customers may feel.

The foundation of their plans began with the development of their own telephone dialler system, Comunik8, built in-house under the eye of Chief Technology Officer, Michal Tesar. The dialler allowed the Group access to unparalleled speed-to-dial which has not been seen before in the insurance industry but the developments do not end here.

Mark Rigby, CEO of iRevolution Group, said: “The businesses we work in are traditionally labour intensive areas with a lot of manual processing, due to the non-standard nature of the risks we help insure.

“We aim to create platforms that will allow us to bypass these longer, traditional processes. This way, we can create efficiencies and better customer experiences across our main areas of business”, Rigby commented

Traditionally, the processes previously used could see the customer waiting up to 24 hours for their insurances.

“We saw this as a problem and some of our recent developments have seen the turnaround time reduced to minutes for a quote, and insurance documents uploaded to our client’s portal within half an hour leading to a slicker customer experience. We’re working with specific insurers to look at improving processes, using tech to assist with this, and help streamline our back office operations. We have undertaken a recruitment drive within the development team as we are keen to move forward swiftly with our future projects.

“Ultimately, we see the future of iRevolution Group in the insurtech arena and are keen to use these developments to improve the business and the customer experience.” Rigby added.

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