Moneytak Launches Off-Grid Payments Service

Carrousel Digital, the London-based financial boutique, and its partner, Paris-based Marbeuf Conseil et Recherche, the digital security designer, announce the launch of Moneytak, a system that enables the transmission of funds and/or documents between two electronic objects without requiring connection to a server at the time of the transaction.

Being able to function “off network”, Moneytak will revolutionise the field of electronic transactions. It can operate anywhere and instantly, with no need for users to have a signal. It opens up a huge range of potential uses, such as: retail payments, ID card verification, ticket and voucher authentication, digital signatures and document certification. Potential clients include banks, retailers, hospitality and entertainment venues and public institutions.

The Moneytak system comprises a smart chip card or SIM and a card reader. The card contains pre-verified information such as documents or money which are ‘transferable’ to another card via a reader, without the necessity of connection to a network. The transfers are subsequently communicated to a central server. Additional security measures, such as PINs, fingerprints or other biometric data can be overlaid, if desired.

Worldwide patents for the Moneytak have now been secured. Carrousel and Marbeuf are now seeking partners to roll out the technology to take advantage of the full range of opportunities that exist.

Commenting on the launch, Bruno Sanglé-Ferrière, CEO of Carrousel Digital, said, “Moneytak is a quantum leap beyond the existing system of connected POS terminals, Apple/Google Pay and current e-ticket systems. It offers true electronic cash, with retailers and other users now able to really operate anywhere. The days of a waiter searching for a signal so that you pay for a meal, for a retailer’s network to get back online or lengthy queues for ticket verification in out of the way venues are over. We have developed the technology and are now looking for a partner to help us realise Moneytak’s full potential.

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