Corvus Expands Virtual Support on Cyber Risks

Corvus Insurance, the leading provider of smart commercial insurance products powered by AI-driven risk data, today announced vCISO Services, an expansion of its “virtual CISO,” or vCISO offering that includes a suite of consultative sessions with Corvus security partners at a reduced cost, each aimed at helping organizations dig deeper into specific security issues. Corvus also announced the appointment of Jason Rebholz as Chief Information Security Officer.

Offered as the latest enhancement of Corvus’s vCISO digital policyholder experience, vCISO Services is the company’s newest effort to help better protect organizations against ransomware and other cyber attacks. With an increasingly saturated market for cybersecurity tools and services, organizations face difficult decisions, with each vendor offering something slightly different than the last with varying price points and benefits. With vCISO Services, Corvus’s in-house security team consults with policyholders to help them better protect their systems and build more resilient infrastructure. The Corvus team then helps policyholders select solutions for their unique environment and connects them to top cybersecurity providers at a reduced rate, including MOXFIVE, RED SKY Consulting, SentinelOne®, and Tetra Defense.

The consulting services bundled within the vCISO Services platform include:

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Consult: With stolen credentials often leading to enterprise-wide security issues, the MFA Consult will help business leaders determine which MFA solution is right for their organization and provide support through the implementation process.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response Consult: As endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions become a requirement in an organizations’ cybersecurity toolkit, the EDR Consult will help organizations Identify, deploy and monitor an endpoint detection and response tool.

  • Backups Consult: Because ransomware threat actors regularly target victim organizations’ backups to force payment of a ransom, the Backups Consult will help organizations build a more secure and resilient backup strategy.

  • Active Directory Consult: Active Directory defines the full spectrum of your organization’s permissions. The Active Directory Consult will review the Active Directory architecture to identify and remediate potential misconfigurations or weaknesses that attackers commonly exploit.

  • Network Segmentation Consult: Strong network segmentation complicates a threat actor’s ability to infiltrate a network. This consultation service works with an organization to identify ways to segment the network better to protect what’s most important.

  • Cloud Security Configuration Consult: With businesses migrating much of their data to the cloud, this consultation works with organizations to identify common cloud services in use, such as Microsoft 365, Azure, GSuite and AWS, and advise as to which security settings to enable above and beyond the default settings.

Additionally, Corvus announced the appointment of Jason Rebholz as the company’s Chief Information Security Officer. With over a decade of experience helping organizations respond to security incidents and build more secure and resilient environments, Rebholz plans to leverage his technology and infrastructure knowledge and expertise to drive better organizational risk mitigation and empower data-driven decision-making. Following roles at Mandiant, The Crypsis Group, and Gigamon, Rebholz was most recently building and leading business recovery and resiliency services at MOXFIVE to support ransomware victims and other cyber incidents.

To learn more about Corvus, its expanded vCISO offering, and its partnerships with top security service providers, please visit

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