Grand Theft Auto: London Money Laundering Edition

Understanding true consumer buying intentions is data gold.

Well not quite – although that is a great idea for an online game involving the Albanian mafia, dodgy London letting agents and a people trafficking gang embedded deep within the UK Border Force and Home Office departments. Pure fantasy of course, IE mag is not suggesting such things could ever happen.

But keeping up with FCA regs can be kinda tiresome, so there is a more interactive way to learn about KYC and money laundering. Over to AML;

A GAMIFIED app to provide anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing training has been launched, to help overcome the lack of understanding about AML regulation.

Anti Money-Laundering continues to be a growing global concern as the expansion of AML regulations around the globe and more high-profile cases appear in courts. As money-launderers get more sophisticated, its ever more important to ensure employees in regulated sectors get the very latest AML training and see it as much more than a tick-box exercise.

Gamified training solutions provider Attensi and AML legal experts in Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS (law firm) worked together to create a new interactive app that anyone affected by AML regulation can use remotely.

Erling Grimstad is MD of the firm. He said: “Everyone in the regulated sectors needs to stay abreast of AML and be well-trained in how to spot suspicious activity. If an institution fails to comply with money laundering regulations it can have both a negative corporate and personal implication – still some people haven’t grasped that you can be investigated and charged as an individual if you don’t comply.

“Training is a vital part of the protection of the entire organisation. There is a legal framework and specific requirements to which you must comply, so our App documents all completed mandatory AML training for employees. Knowledge of threats and insight in the vulnerabilities in your organisation is key to build a culture of compliance.”

The App is kept up to date with changes from the FSAs with any significant regulatory changes factored into the in-app play, by updating any necessary content.

For more information or to book a demo go to

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