Car Accident? Should You Go DIY Claim, Or Hire a Lawyer?

You have recently been in a car accident, and you are preparing to file an insurance claim. You are ready to answer all of the insurance company’s questions and provide them with any information and paperwork they need. You figure that you will get a lawyer if you feel you need one after you speak to the insurance company.

Before you call the insurance company, you may want to think about contacting an attorney. A lawyer can give you important advice about your accident. They can let you know what your accident is worth, and they can help you communicate with the insurance company and help you to understand insurance laws in Florida. An attorney can do a few things that you would be unlikely to accomplish on your own.

A Lawyer Can Tell You How Much Your Claim is Worth

According to The Turnbull Law Firm, A professional attorney who has worked in Florida for a while will know what an insurance company should give you for your car and your injuries. They will be able to do all the necessary paperwork to find out the value of your car and its current year and condition. They will also know what the average payout is for people who have injuries like yours.

If you need a Long Beach car accident attorney there are many experts available online.

Your first appointment with a personal injury attorney will normally be free. They can give you an idea of how much you should get for a settlement before you talk to the insurance company.

A Lawyer Can Help You With Paperwork

You are going to have to talk to your insurance company when you first file your claim, and they are going to ask you a series of questions. They may ask to record your answers, but you are under no obligation to let them.

The insurance company will want you to send in the documentation of your accident and its associated bills. A lawyer can help you organize your paperwork and make sure that you have everything that will be necessary to make a decision on your case.

You should save the medical bills that are associated with your case. You should save receipts from any prescription and non-prescription medications that you take. You should also get a letter from work detailing the wages you would have earned.

An Attorney Will Know How to Argue

A personal injury attorney will have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. You may have dealt with insurance companies before, and you may have an idea of what you should say to an insurance adjuster. But a professional personal injury attorney frequently negotiates with insurance companies. They will be well-versed in the arguments that work on insurance adjusters.

A Lawyer Can Represent You in Court

In most cases, your lawyer and your insurance company will be able to work out a deal. However, there are some cases in which they will not be able to agree on a settlement amount, and you will have to go to court. A trained attorney can represent you in court and fight to get you the money you deserve.

Accidents are expensive, and a lawyer can seem like one more added person to deal with. However, a personal injury attorney can get you the money you need in a timely fashion. They will do the research for you so you can concentrate on getting better.

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