Floods Are Quite Rare, In-House Leaks More Common

No, not the latest scandal from Whitehall, but an interesting survey from Leakbot;

A study by LeakBot has revealed that 20% of surveyed homeowners had experienced 3 or more water leaks in houses they had lived in as adults. With each leak resulting in average repair costs of £1,074 and over half (52%) of polled property owners opting to shell out for these repairs themselves, the study revealed it could be a costly issue to overlook.

However, the data revealed that some properties were more at risk of these costly, water leaks than others. Those purchasing a post-war property (1945-1990) should do so wearingly as the study revealed these homes to be the most susceptible to leaks. In fact, over a quarter (28%) of surveyed post-war property owners revealed they had experienced a domestic leak in a home of this age. The study named faulty bathroom plumbing as the biggest culprit of water leaks in post-war aged properties (37%), closely followed by problematic kitchen pipes (34%) and leaky shower or bath units (21%). Although, those looking to purchase a new-build property (1990-2019) aren’t out of the clear either as over 1 in 10 polled homeowners reported domestic leaks despite newer fittings.

Leakbot’s research has highlighted that the stress of a dealing with a hidden leak can be just as exhausting as the buying process. Over a third (34%) of surveyed homeowners reported that domestic leaks have caused them undue worry and stress, while more than 1 in 10 (13%) have had to take time off from work to resolve the issue and an additional 10% admit that water damage in their home has left them too self-conscious to invite friends and family over to their home.

Craig Foster, CEO of LeakBot commented: ‘It is important that home buyers not only check for current water leaks but protect their new home against the risk of future leaks to avoid damage. Future-proofing a home against domestic leaks will prevent costly repairs and undue stress but can also reduce the cost of home insurance premiums – a welcome reduction for any new homeowner!’

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