Birmingham Postcode is Top of The Speeding Drivers Charts

A Freedom of Information request was sent to the DVLA by leasing company Wessex Fleet to reveal the number of drivers with an endorsement offence/s for speeding on their license in 2021, broken down by postcode area and offence code, after they previously investigated the roads that had the most speeding offences. The data as of May 2021 revealed that a whopping 3.3 million people have speeding fines on their licence right now.

The Postcodes With The Most Speeding Offences Recorded

Birmingham ‘B’ is the postcode area with the most speeding offences with 91,566.

Speeding offences in the Birmingham area topped the list, with over 90,000 drivers caught speeding. In second place was Sheffield with 74,069 speeding offences, closely followed by Nottingham with 71,536.

The Top 10 UK Postcodes For Speeding
Postcode Area Number of Offences
B Birmingham 91,566
S Sheffield 74,069
NG Nottingham 71,536
BS Bristol 65,519
LS Leeds 59,893
NE Newcastle Upon Tyne 59,523
PE Peterborough 58,648
M Manchester 58,072
NN Northampton 54,656
DN Doncaster 54,577
Average Speed Cameras measure and calculate the Vehicles average speed daily, then issue automated fines, so the driver’s address is not necessarily an indicator of localised accident risk for insurers.

But which are the safest postcodes for driving fines according to the data?

According to government data, Lerwick (the Shetland Islands in Scotland) is the UK postcode with the least number of driving offences for speeding. Lerwick has a total of 561 speeding offences, 84% less than Birmingham’s 91,566. Surprisingly it is closely followed by ‘WC’ a postcode in central London with 603 offences. The area covered is of high density development, and includes parts of the City of Westminster and the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington, plus a very small part of the City of London.

This could be due to the lack of cars being registered to addresses in central London, as very few people can afford to live there and own a car, since there is nowhere to park it legally.

The UK’s 10 Safest Postcodes For Speeding
Postcode Area Number of Offences
ZE Lerwick 561
WC Central London 603
HS Outer Hebrides 731
EC Eastern Central 791
KW Kirkwall 1,731
LD Llandrindod Wells 2,625
TD Galashiels 4,546
DG Dumfries and Galloway 6,691
SM Sutton 7,939
PH Perth 8,795
Speeding drivers are just one risk factor for insurers of course. There are others such as, the percentage of uninsured and untaxed vehicles found in those areas, the incidence of theft, vandalism and attempted theft, localised flooding each winter affecting parked cars, average age by postcode, number of prestige and sports cars owned by postcode, which tend to attract more attempted theft by professional gangs etc.
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