Normative Offers a Viable Emissions Reporting Solution

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This info from Normative, who claim to be the world’s first carbon accounting engine, could prove useful for smaller brokers, or their clients, who wish to tick the right boxes on the new religion of climate change. Basically this is an emissions insights tool that will help guide SMEs committed to net zero. With grant funding from and technical support from a team Fellows, Normative has developed the Industry CO₂ Insights tool available through the UN-backed SME Climate Hub.

If it has the stamp of approval from Google, then it’s more likely to get approval from the FCA, EU or other regulators, which again saves time and money on compliance for MGAs, brokers etc. What you don’t want is to waste time compiling emissions and carbon data for clients, only to have official regulators or others squabble over the accuracy of those carbon reduction predictions.Normative partners with leading climate change organisations including the UN by the way. Again, always good to swim with the tide and use companies who are plugged into the globalist network of climate change activists.

Two Climate Change politicians discuss CO2 targets for the poor, aboard their Lear jet recently. Photo posed by models, courtesy Pexels.


Normative is the software provider for the SME Climate Hub, through which thousands of companies globally have already committed to net zero. The SME Climate Hub’s library of resources provides small and medium sized businesses with a one-stop-shop to make a climate commitment and access best-in-class tools and resources to mitigate their environmental impact. SMEs can access the new tool to work out what their sector’s average emissions are. The tool indicates in which areas of their business they may need to take action to reduce emissions and gives them insight into the estimated average greenhouse gas emissions produced by similar companies in the same sector, and country. If your client is looking for a quick fix on Net Zero targets, then this nugget is worth remembering; A swift transition to renewable energy is the single best step companies can take, potentially reducing their overall emissions by up to 50%. Obviously much depends on whether your client is a bakery largely consuming electricity for heating, or a building contractor pretty much pegged to using diesel vans and heavy lifting equipment, since using EV simply won’t get the job done.

Normative aims to standardize the otherwise inconsistent, expensive, and people-intensive process of carbon accounting. The release of the insights tool is the first step in releasing a free accounting software that automates emission calculations and provides insights and guidance to companies on how to reach net zero.

IE COMMENTIf the ABI and big insurance brands achieve anything at COP26, the simple agreement to adopt one set of industry-wide standards for reporting on Co2 and other emissions, plus Net Zero carbon off-setting practices, will be the most useful decision taken at this private jet and motorcade show.


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