In-Flight Drunks Top of The List of Annoying Travellers

This new research confirms what many of us already know, those 8am Wetherspoons visitors are often the most annoying people to sit next to on an aircraft.

Drunks on the plane, screaming kids, and those annoying people that recline their seats – these are the things that holidaymakers find the most irritating when travelling abroad, according to new research. The data from mobile phone, gadget, and travel insurance company, loveit coverit, analysed what grinds other holidaymakers’ gears, what people get up to in the airport, and the mischief people cause while travelling.

Over half of respondents (53%) say drunk and disorderly passengers are the most irritating, while crowding the baggage carousel (24%), clapping at the end of a flight (23%) and people who snore on a plane (20%) also made the list of the most annoying travellers.

Revealed: the most annoying things people do at the airport or on the plane

1.          Being drunk on the plane (53%)

2.          The person in front of you reclining their seat (50%)

3.          Having a crying baby or child on the plane (45%)

4.          Having people crowd the baggage carousel (24%)

5.          Having to get up for the people sat in the middle and window seat (23%)

6.          People clapping at the end of the flight (23%)

7.          People moving your overhead luggage without permission (20%)

8.          People who snore on the flight (20%)

9.          People who take their shoes off on the plane (17%)

10.       People who walk slowly through the airport when you are in a rush (14%)

Although there are things that annoy fellow passengers, there are plenty of others who like to cause mischief in the airport. Two in five (20%) admit they’ve been pulled aside and searched at Customs, more than one in ten (12%) like to race on the flat escalators and 11% say they’ve gotten drunk on the plane.

Gen Z’s and millennials (18-34yos) cause the most havoc, as a high proportion of this age group admit they’ve been pushed around on a suitcase trolley, got drunk before getting on the plane and have been removed from a seat that isn’t theirs.

For the over 35s, it seems they take up more lustful antics, as they’ve confessed to flirting with the pilot or cabin crew and had sex in the airport or on the plane.

When it comes to embarrassing things Brits have experienced while travelling, one respondent disclosed they were accidently sick on a child, another revealed they farted and pretended it was the person asleep next to them, and one passenger was asked to sign a bride’s breasts as a dare. ( These are confessions from lightweights – Barcelona All-Nighter Ed)

Zane Zvirbule, Marketing Specialist, loveit coverit, said: “Holidays are always such an exciting time, and it’s clear from our research that for some more than others, this excitement can play out in mischievous ways during our travels.

“Although some Brits find certain behaviours irritating, there are many others who love to joke around when getting into the holiday spirit. After the uncertainty of travel over the past couple of years, we’re sure there will be a few more stories to come from this year’s holiday season.”

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