Can You Get Funding For Insurance Product R&D? Heck Yeah

It’s a brand new week, so let’s fire up the R&D section of our brains nd see what we can fine tune and develop. It’s also good to know where you can find some R&D funding;

Bringing an idea to life can be a costly project for startups. Fortunately, Research and Development (R&D) grants are becoming more accessible due to specialist R&D tax incentive firms like BourkeHood.

BourkeHood was launched in 2020 by Jason Hood. Hood started the company with absolutely no financial backing, it was based on his passion to help startups bring their dream to reality.

Within the first 18 months, BourkeHood had turned over 7 figures and helped more than 180 international clients claim over $30M in R&D funding. Since then, BourkeHood has reached new heights. Today, Bourkehood has helped more than 300 clients claim over $100M in R&D funding. They have also expanded to the USA and the UK, with new offices opening in London and San Francisco. This is in addition to their current offices in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our fast success is due to the excellent results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients,” says Jason, “We are a team of specialists and we are driven by seeing our clients bring their dreams to life and to assist in bringing new technology to the world.”

BourkeHood helps startups and companies who are working on new or improved products, services, processes, materials, devices and more. BourkeHood educates founders that R&D is much broader than what most people think and that it can occur in any sector, from agriculture through to food processing to dentistry.

‘Research and development is not just scientists in white lab coats working away in Silicon Valley, anyone developing a new or improved product, or using an existing product in a new way may use R&D’.

BourkeHood sets itself apart from other R&D Tax Incentive firms and organisations by creating a unilateral focus on R&D with targeted expertise. In general, R&D claims need to be done thoroughly otherwise the claimer can be exposed to the risk of an audit and an even longer process trying to obtain the benefit. The team at BourkeHood is made up of experts with experience not just in the financial R&D tax landscape, but also with the right technical background. Expert areas range from Biotech scientists, engineers, software developers, and more. All are able to effectively uplift the claims by looking at some of the grey areas of claiming whilst ensuring an excellent understanding of the requirements for claiming.

“R&D can be a game-changer for anyone trying to bring their idea to life. A successful R&D claim can literally be the difference between the product going ahead or not. It’s an incredible opportunity for the client, as well as for the public, who reap the benefits of new or improved technologies.’

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