Greater Than Just Made Their Platform Even Greater

Well possibly. One thing we do know is that there’s a stack of more predictive data on repair pricing built in, so that is good news. Here’s the word;

Greater Than (GREAT.ST), the leading AI data analytics provider of real-time pricing and crash predictions, announces the launch of its revamped motor risk analytic platform, Risk Portfolio Tracker (RPT). The RPT provides real-time predictive cost calculation and individualized pricing for any connected vehicle, regardless of type and geography.

The risk predictions are provided as a plug-in component, a DriverDNA, that is currently used by insurance carriers, fleets, and mobility services worldwide. The DriverDNA delivers real-time risk insights displayed in the RPT. Some of the critical business challenges addressed by the RPT are real-time pricing of premiums and forward-looking predictions on crash probability per individual vehicle and/or driver. As well as real-time insights, users also benefit from a uniform and comparable measurement of risk, regardless of vehicle type and geography. Together, these benefits provide an entirely new forecasting landscape for underwriters and risk managers.

“The real-time element of the premium calculation is fundamentally important for our customers. And it is essentially changing the way our customers work around fields of cost inefficiency and future pricing models,” says Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer at Greater Than.

The updated RPT platform harmonizes all kinds of data quality in its backend, enabling the AI-analysis to operate with any already installed telematics system via a single API simultaneously.

  • Compatible with multiple sources by harmonizing all types of data streams for a uniform analysis.
  • In-depth, powerful real-time segmentation of the highest and lowest risk groups on a 15-level scale of the probability of a future collision.
  • Allows policy providers to start validating and accurately segmentizing the risk price per individual driver after 1 km of driving.
  • Enables multisource connectivity by only requiring GPS data via mobile applications, API, or SDK connectivity for unmatched predictions.
  • Provides an instant and predictive view of risk and cost for future claims.

The RPT provides new opportunities and insights with analysis filtering possibilities. For example, continuous and real-time valuation of an entire motor book down to the pricing of premiums for an individual per second are necessary core functions for the next generation auto insurance.

All that is needed for the insurance provider is a minimum of GPS data gathered from either an already installed telematics device, a dashcam, or via an API, plug-in, or an SDK integration into an existing app or infotainment system. The data could also be gathered using Greater Than’s white label app offering.

“Our broad experience working with auto insurance clients shows that road safety can be improved,” continues Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer at Greater Than. “Applying transparency and driver feedback on safety levels and savings in cost increases driver awareness enormously. These are small but necessary steps to prevent crashes and injuries.”

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